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On 04/18/2020 detectives from the Metropolitan Division conducted a traffic stop in the 100 block of S. Andres Place. During a search of the vehicle, a loaded handgun was recovered. The firearm was non-registered and contained a high capacity 19 round magazine. The suspect, Leopoldo Vasquez Carrasco (24) was also believed to be involved in the manufacturing and selling of illegal assault weapons and magazines. 

Based on information learned from the arrest on 04/18/2020, detectives obtained a search warrant of the suspect’s residence. On 05/01/2020 detectives executed the search warrant in the city of Rancho Santa Margarita. Several illegal assault rifles, handguns, magazines and tools to manufacture weapons were recovered as evidence. Carrasco was arrested and charged with the following weapons violations:

  • PC 30600 manufacture assault weapon 
  • PC 30605 possess assault weapon 
  • PC 33215 possess short barreled rifle 
  • – to include indicia/tools used to manufacture firearms  

In total, Santa Ana PD Metropolitan Division detectives seized: 12 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition of various calibers and high capacity magazines.

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16 thoughts on “SAPD traffic stop leads to bust of O.C. gun trafficker”
    1. Sort of hard to take your assertion seriously when you are making it anonymously and are not backing up your allegation with any facts.

  1. He went to the Marines and served with pride and honor for four years. He had plans to continue serving the country. He is a student. Hopefully find the truth of this situation and not make a unfairly judgment. We believe is mistake. It is not okay to post this news without having the trial where it is proven that all the weapons are his. He has permission to carry arms. Not all are him. Those that are his are legal. Please follow the truth. He is a good person.

  2. Wondering: Does he have family in Santa Ana? He lives in Rancho Santa Margarita and is found with a loaded gun in Santa Ana. Just wondering.

    1. I think that is why the police got a warrant to search his house…I am guessing they believed he was selling guns in Santa Ana. There is surely a big demand in our city for weapons.

  3. The only crime here is that this guy was arrested for carrying or selling guns. Cops and Detectives are being used to suppress the rights of the people.

    This man committed no crime.

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