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Orange County Johns

Orange County prosecutors are taking the tactic to another level: Asking every police agency in the county to hand over photographs of offenders so that they can be posted on the district attorney’s website under the heading “Sex Purchasers,” according to the L.A. Times.

Emma Andersson, staff attorney with the ACLU’s Criminal Law Reform Project, said that the aim of the criminal justice system should be rehabilitation, rather than “the banishment and isolation of individuals from a community.”

What say you?  Should the OCDA post pictures of those who are arrested while trying to hire prostitutes?  Or is that taking it too far?

Should the OCDA post pictures of men arrested for purchasing sex?

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2 thoughts on “Poll – should the OCDA post pictures of men arrested for trying to hire prostitutes?”
  1. I always read this article to see who name pops up and so far I have recognized one person on the list. Every time I see this individual a feel sorry for him, so to post pictures their pictures would be a bit severe.

  2. They should not post pictures unless it is a repeat offender. Men can be trapped or falsely accused. and that is not justice!!

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