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The Orange County Board of Supervisors has reportedly voted not to place a homeless shelter at a proposed location on Normandy Place in East Santa Ana.

The proposed location was in the middle of a poor Latino neighborhood and was close to schools and parks.

Supervisor Janet Nguyen, who represents the area,  steadfastly refused to meet with local residents who were opposed to the Normandy Place location.

Santa Ana City Councilman Vince Sarmiento also refused to meet with residents until after the Supervisors had initially chosen the proposed location.

Reportedly the Supervisors will now consider a vacated OCTA bus facility in Downtown Santa Ana.  The may also sue the City of Santa Ana,  whose City Council voted for an unofficial moratorium on plans to develop the Normandy Place location at their last Council meeting.

The shelter should be located in Downtown Santa Ana,  where the County homeless services are located. The Santa Ana Police Department is also located in Downtown Santa Ana.

Hopefully the next Supervisor to represent the First District will actually care about the people of Santa Ana.

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4 thoughts on “OC Supervisors won’t build a homeless shelter at Normandy Place after all”
  1. What does this look like when U manipulate traffic lights to change right when a homless person is in the middle of the street. You remove the benches from the busstop areas. You ramp up on patterning efforts for intimidation to those who make formal complaints.You cause area businesses to antagonize persons who are targeted homless types for retaliation. Law enforcement spreads viscous lies on a daily basis to cause mean resentment among the area residents,for retaliation against Civl Rights litigant. Police helicopter only patterns one person on a nightly and daily basis, to retaliate for a Civil rights suit.

  2. please help us understand Editor. Why is the county desiring to sue the city? Because of the moratorium vote? But the moratorium arroused enough sympathy to get them to change their minds. So it can not be based on just a moratorium right? Clear up this fishiness for us. Why is the county really sueing the city?

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