Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Santa Ana Police Foundation


Chief Paul Walters has asked for our help.

This is a note from his Adjutant:

ABC-TV- 7 and Orange County Fire Authority called. They are in a huge bind and have to vacate the warehouse they are in and need from 35,000sf to 50.000 sq. ft. from now till the end of January when they get the toys out to the kids of Orange County. It sounds like a huge request I know; is there any way we can do that? Please let me know if we can help or are we dreaming?

Anthony Bertagna
Adjutant to the Chief of Police
Media Relations – Public Information Officer

(714) 709-2043
office: 714/245-8029

Friends, I am on vacation in about 15-minutes for a week. If you can offer assistance, please contact Mr. Bertagna directly at the numbers and/or eMail above.

(Please copy me as well)

William Cunningham, Santa Ana Police Foundation, info@sapdf.org

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