Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Are you wondering who is paying for all of those Measure GG (term limits)?  Wonder no more – click here to read the financial report of the Political Action Committee that is paying for the Measure GG fliers.

The special interests funding the Measure GG campaign include:

  • The Lyon Apartment Companies, based in Newport Beach
  • The Santa Ana Police Management Association PAC

Why would these special interests fund a campaign to alter our Mayoral term limits?  Simple.  The Apartment company wants to build more high density apartments in Santa Ana.  They have clearly cut a deal with mayoral challenger David Benavides to do exactly that – if he wins on Nov. 6.

As for the Police Management Association, the City of Santa Ana is about to open negotiations with the police unions regarding their next salary package.  The Benavides Council majority has openly broached the idea of passing a police tax instead of negotiating a contract that will save our City money.  They are going to raise our taxes so they can pay off their police allies!

You can stop this monkey business by voting No on Measure GG!  No wonder the Orange County Register has come out against Measure GG.

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3 thoughts on “Measure GG campaign funded by outside special interests!”
  1. Earth to Cops…we have no more money in Santa Ana to raise your pay or let you all retire to Idaho with $200,000 per year salary at age 50. Thems days are over. We are mad as Hell about the high taxes in Santa Ana and we are not going to take it any more! Let’s see that Sunshine ordenence shine a little light on the Union negotiations for once. The SEIU gave up something and the Firemen gave up millions but the Police want to buy the city council and jack up their pay. Basta!

  2. Do you believe in voting rights?

    If so, then vote NO on GG as all it does is take away the right to vote.

    What is next after GG? Appointed masters by those in smoke filled backrooms making deals for themselves?

    The proper way to replace a Mayor is to vote another candidate into office.

    GG is just a bad deal.

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