Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Today on Indigenous People’s Day, Decolonizing Wealth Project announced a new partnership with Governor Gavin Newsom’s (D-Calif.) Office and the California Truth and Healing Council (“Council”), aiming to address historic wrongs and promote access and inclusion for California Native American communities.

Working alongside the Governor’s office and the Council, Decolonizing Wealth Project will leverage its experience and relationships within the philanthropic community to serve as ambassadors for the work of the Council across the philanthropic sector. The organization will develop and execute a new multi-million grantmaking program to support the engagement of California Native American families in the healing opportunities presented in this process and advance the broader objectives of the Council. Through narrative change and digital storytelling, Decolonizing Wealth Project will also highlight California’s journey towards truth, healing and reconciliation.

“Decolonizing Wealth Project is excited to amplify the work of the Council and California’s Native American tribal leaders,” said Edgar Villanueva, principal of Decolonizing Wealth Project and a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. “By helping to raise awareness among Californians and the philanthropic community to advocate for truth and reconciliation, it is our hope that the reparative efforts being put forth by the Council will one day be replicated on a national level. Especially on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we as a nation can only get to a state of reconciliation when we are able to reflect on and acknowledge America’s history of oppression and erasure of Indigenous communities.”

The California Truth and Healing Council, established in 2019 through Executive Order N-15-19, works to clarify the historical record and promote narratives regarding the troubled relationship between the State of California and California Native Americans, with the goals of advancing truth and healing. The Council, led and convened by the Governor’s Tribal Advisor Christina Snider, includes representatives from California Native American tribes, relevant state and local agencies and other relevant non-governmental stakeholders.

“As we honor the perseverance, rich diversity and contributions of all Indigenous peoples today, California is advancing our commitment to collaborating with tribal communities throughout the state to make real the promise of a California for all,” said Governor Newsom. “This new partnership will expand the Administration’s efforts to engage Native American families in the important dialogue created by the Truth & Healing Council, helping to build bridges and begin healing deep wounds.”

“The Truth & Healing Council is pleased to partner with Decolonizing Wealth Project on this difficult journey,” said Council Member Frankie Myers, who serves as Vice Chairman for the Yurok Tribe. “California Native peoples have not forgotten the true history of the State of California, and we hope that our reexamination of the historical record is the first of many steps towards restoring the balance between California indigenous people and the State. Through philanthropy, and the healing tools it will empower us to provide, we are excited to advocate for real change through reparative justice.”

To learn more about the Council and their ongoing work, please visit


Led by Edgar Villanueva (Lumbee), Decolonizing Wealth Project (DWP) works globally to disrupt the existing systems of moving and controlling capital using education and healing programs, radical reparative giving, and storytelling. Through its fund, Liberated Capital, DWP moves untethered resources to Indigenous, Black and other people-of-color-led initiatives working for economic and racial justice.

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