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Santa Ana City Council
This Council spends money like drunken sailors…

At its last meeting with him, an appreciative City Council honored O’Rourke with a proclamation and declared the day “Kevin O’Rourke Day,” according to the O.C. Register.  As it turns out, O’Rourke made a mint working as a temp City Manager in Santa Ana.

How much did it cost Santa Ana to get rid of former City Manager Paul Walters?  Over one million dollars.  That is the tip of the icerberg.  Check out the huge sums of money our City Council has blown over the past few years:

  • According to figures provided by the city, O’Rourke, under terms of his contract, received $121,921.80 in salary, $2,078.50 in travel expenses and $20,186.69 for his housing allowance.
  • Under terms of his employment agreement, he was to receive $22,083 monthly salary, travel expenses of up to $4,000 a month for the first 60 days, and up to $2,700 a month afterward.
  • The city said in February it would pay out $706,396.85 under the severance agreement struck with Walters.
  • Under terms of the payout, Walters was to receive $264,999 as the one-year base salary, $101,425.68 for the cost of medical and other insurance, including a one-year contribution to the retirement fund; $164,553.90 to purchase two years of U.S. Air Force military service credit toward retirement through PERS; $167,918.27 in unused vacation, holiday and sick time to be paid out in four installments of nearly $42,000 each; and $7,500 in attorney fees.
  • Former City Manager Dave Ream’s payout came to $365,787.09. That included $231,375.15 in floating holiday and vacation pay paid out in March 2011, and $134,411.94 in sick hours paid out in May 2011.
  • New City Manager Dave Cavazos will receive $315,000 in an annual base salary the first year, plus benefits, including moving expenses and a housing allowance. According to a city report, the estimated first-year cost of the agreement is $558,625, $515,395 in the second year and $515,895 in the third.

And you wonder why our city is broke?

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

One thought on “City Council blew over a million dollars getting rid of Paul Walters”
  1. Based on Michele, P. David, and Roman’s employment experience this should surprise no one.

    Michele is the “executive director” of the make believe OC Health Care Alliance”, who works out of another Non-profit’s office in Cabrillio Park. I would love to see an expose on this.

    Meanwhile P. David has closed his real estate brokerage CIVICO and moved to a small office tall office on North Main. Who owns that building? I’d love to see these financials! This is a guy who can’t hold a job! Has he ever even had a job other than US Bank? We know what happened there!

    My personal favorite is Roman Renya. A seemingly unemployed high school graduate, who host most recently announce HE is going to host a “Youth Leadership Summit” on how to prepare today’s youth for a post high school life. REALLY?

    These folks are all about hollow promotion. None of them have the experience or know how to lead.

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