Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Last week, an Irvine resident reported to the police department that a suspect robbed him of his wallet and cash at gunpoint as he arrived home after visiting a casino.

After the man called the Irvine Police Dept., dispatchers quickly relayed the information to their patrol officers. The police officers immediately started looking for the suspect.

A Sergeant had a hunch and headed to the freeway. He spotted a speeding vehicle, conducted a traffic stop, and contacted the driver, who matched the suspect’s description.

The victim’s wallet and cash were found in the man’s vehicle.

At that point, the suspect’s luck had run out! Dominick Blair Roberson, 34, of California City, was arrested and booked at Orange County Jail for robbery.

It is believed the suspect followed the victim home from the casino.

The Irvine Police Dept. reminds you not to gamble with your cash. Always be cautious when carrying large amounts of cash after visiting a bank or casino. Ensure you are not being followed, and if you notice suspicious activity around you, notify the police immediately . If you must stop before reaching your home, take the cash with you, do not leave it in your car.

Remember the odds are against you if you commit a crime in Irvine…

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