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A suspect under the age of 20 found out the hard way what happens when you opt to drink and drive, according to the Fullerton Police Department.

The suspect took a left turn too fast and ended up hitting a traffic signal in front of a Fullerton police officer!

The driver had to spend the night at the Fullerton City Jail.

These crimes are all too common in Orange County and they make no sense. It is easy to get a ride from Uber or Lyft. Bars should also be careful not to serve too much alcohol to patrons without checking if they are planning to drive off drunk. They can incur significant liability for doing this!

Fullerton in particular has a history of DUI crashes as their downtown area is full of bars and they have a younger population due to CSUF and Fullerton College.

The worst Fullerton DUI crash in history claimed the lives of the DUI driver and three passengers in the other vehicle including Nick Adenhart, a top draft pick of the Angeles baseball team, back in 2009. Police reported that in that incident a red minivan ran a red light at the intersection of Orangethorpe and Lemon, triggering a three-vehicle collision just after midnight.

California prosecutors take drunk driving seriously, and even a first conviction may trigger serious consequences. Most California DUI charges are misdemeanors, but even a misdemeanor carries a possible sentence of up to three years in jail. A first-time DUI offender may also be placed on probation for up to three years, be assessed significant fines, and lose his or her driver’s license for four months, according to the Law Firm of Robert Miller.

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