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Today at about 1:22 a.m., Costa Mesa police officers were dispatched to the 2600 block of Newport Boulevard regarding the sounds of power tools being used.

The police officers arrived and could hear a saw being used in the rear lot of the truck rental business. Officers began to approach the rear lot and saw a man start to run away. He was then detained.

A second man began running toward the fence adjacent to a neighboring parking lot. Officers were already in that parking lot. Once the second subject saw the officers on the other side of the fence, he gave up and was arrested.

A reciprocating saw was located under one of the trucks and pieces of rebar were cut from around the catalytic converter. The rebar had been put on all the trucks because of recent thefts.

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4 thoughts on “Costa Mesa catalytic converter thieves caught red-handed”
  1. Right on Olivia ! Nothing wrong with saying the truth white or Hispanic seems like Hispanics do this but so do whites who cares if someone says Mexican or white ? It is low life to steal if white or Mexican . Mexican or white That is there nationality it’s the truth .. so what be proud ? I’m glad to be called by my nationality ! I’m not saying if white , black or Latino we are all from different backgrounds so who cares all Olivia posted was the truth . Anyone stealing or ripping off people cars or car items is low thing to do in life and straight wrong and very low if white or Mexican Hate to say it but the majority of Latinos are poor not speak English and come from impoverished countries and work very hard and there are whites who are poor and impoverished too .. so why the big deal if Olivia posts the truth it was a Latino abd it is a low way of life to steal . Duh? Why the Latinos so defensive when she telling like it is .. if it was white person it’s still low life or Mexican .

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