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Black Friday is just around the corner and I’m sure Councilman David Benavides is eagerly awaiting to see what gifts will be coming his way this year.  According to Benavides’ Form 700 filed with the FPPC, he raked in close to $900 in gifts in 2013.  Benavides haul was $545 greater than the next Councilmember on the list, Vince Sarmiento, who received $340 in gifts.

Here is a breakdown of the dollar amount of the gifts reported on the Form 700’s of all Santa Ana elected officials:

  • David Benavides  $885
  • Vince Sarmiento  $340
  • Miguel Pulido  $0
  • Angie Amezcua  $0
  • Roman Reyna  $0
  • Sal Tinajero  $0
  • Michele Martinez  $0

Benavides on a horse

One of the gifts Benavides received was tickets to Cirque Du Soleil at the Great Park valued at $200.  Hopefully he took his children and not one of his young conquests from the bars in Downtown Santa Ana (see picture above).

You can hardly blame Benavides for using his office to survive.  He shows his primary employment to be that of a real estate agent for Seven Gables Real Estate, however records indicate that he has only been involved in four low level transactions in the last year.  The average price of the sales were $241,250.  Clearly his real estate career is not bringing in enough money to sustain his mid-life crisis hipster lifestyle.

Councilman David Benavides

Being a part time City Councilmember must pay pretty well, especially if you know how to work it.  Riding Harleys on the streets of Santa Ana or horses on the beach in Mexico doesn’t come cheap.  Obviously Benavides knows how to work it, because he has the time and money to do both, even if his income does not appear to explain how he can afford his lifestyle.

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13 thoughts on “Benavides has received more gifts than the entire City Council”
  1. Give the guy a break, Child support for the two children he left behind doesn’t come cheap.

    This guy is a class A dirtbag.

  2. Hey everyone look how much fun I’m having while I live in Emily’s house. Praise the Lord that I can fool everyone. Anyone who says anything to the contrary must be Satan

  3. David posted that he was in Rosarito doing the Lords work. Feeding the poor at the dump. In fact it looks like he snagged some young honey from Payan X and was doing his own kind of ministry work!

  4. You should all know that David was a very good man at one time; a good father, husband and community person. Being on the council changed him for the worse. Now he only looks out for David, doesnt work and associates with douche bags like Phil Bacerra. Que lastima.

    1. I doubt it. Benavides got elected originally with Pulido’s help but in recent years he has spent much of his time attacking Pulido. In fact Benavides challenged Pulido in 2012, for the Mayor’s office. Benavides lost badly.

      1. He also challenged his schoolteacher wife for custody of his kids, and LOST.

        Nice try PABLO. BAD DAD = BAD GUY

      2. I understand. But why does Benavides only sppoint white folks to PC. First Turner. Now Phil. And, David has the highest percentage of Latinos in his Ward.

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