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SANTA ANA, CA (September 17, 2012) – On July 17, 2012, the Santa Ana City Council approved a contract with Athens Services to provide citywide street sweeping services to Santa Ana. Athens has been in the sweeping business for over 25 years and has a reputation of providing quality sweeping and customer service.

Starting on October 1, 2012, City residents and businesses can expect enhanced sweeping quality and improved sweeping consistency, both the result of new street sweepers that Athens Services will deploy. Residential routes will continue to be swept on their regular days and within the posted street sweeping times; however, the actual time your street is swept may vary from the City’s previous street sweeping operation.

The public should be aware that the street sweepers may pass at a different time than what they are currently accustomed to, but still within the posted street sweeping time.

For more information, please call the Public Works Agency – Maintenance Services Division at (714) 647-3306 or e-mail After October 1, Athens Services customer service can be reached at (888) 336-6100.


About Athens Services

Athens Services has been providing waste collection and recycling services in Southern California for over 50 years. We are family-owned and operated, offering a variety of State-of-the-Art services, including automated waste and recycling collection, green waste recycling programs, organics waste composting, special waste transportation, transfer and materials recovery, storage box rentals, and street and parking lot sweeping services in many areas of Southern California.

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4 thoughts on “Athens street sweeping services scheduled to begin in Santa Ana on 10/1”
  1. Street sweeping is not only very important to keeping the streets looking good, it also is a pseudo requirement. Each city is responsible for maintaining the stormdrain system within their city. If they do not take steps to prevent debris from entering the system (which drains to the ocean) they can receive VERY hefty fines. We are talking millions!!! Street sweeping captures quite a bit of debris that is discharged from trash collection. That is why they sweep the day after your trash pickup day. Without seeing the franchise agreement with Waste Management and the City, generally the trash company provides an offset cost for that service. Also, standing water in curbs or cross-connections are often collected or disturbed which prevents mosquitos or other insects from establishing.

    Bottom line, its protecting the City’s investment in the streets, gutters, and stormdrain system.

  2. Whew,

    I got in here just in time!

    Since the ride to HB was so far I found myself Drunk in the gutter often.

    I might have gotten swept up!

  3. It seems like a waste to do every week while most cities do every two. Also compared to other cities, I’ve noticed the quality is NOT very good. After the recent winds it looks like NOTHING was picked up on the most recent sweeping day.

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