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Dayton Cole Kingery, a 21-year-old Chapman University student originally from Connecticut, made bigoted comments in class on Feb. 4. He was filmed by a student, who uploaded the footage to Twitter. Kingery repeatedly said, “I (expletive) hate (N-word).” Kingery was also filmed using homophobic slurs.

Kingery is seen sitting in the class and yelling out that he’s drunk. “Been drinking Bacardi all day n***a,” he says. “I f***g hate n***s,” according to BET.

A separate video also posted to Twitter shows Kingery arguing with someone in the room, saying, “You don’t know who I am, guy. I’m not kidding … bury you. I’m worth, like, $50 million,” according to the L.A. Times.

Kingery was later taken into custody and booked on suspicion of making criminal threats and felony vandalism for breaking a computer in the backpack, according to KTLA.

Police said Kingery assaulted a security guard who is over 65 years old, adding a booking charge of elder abuse, according to the O.C. Register.

In a statement, CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush said:

“We stand unequivocally in denouncing the hateful language and behavior exhibited by this student. It is unfortunate that an institution of learning became the platform for someone to spew vitriol and bigoted rhetoric, especially during Black History Month, a time devoted to celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of African Americans. An attack against one marginalized community is an attack against all of us. This type of language is absolutely unacceptable and is indicative of how normalizing hate speech can lead into hate threats and hate attacks. We are grateful the administration at the university is addressing this issue.”

Chapman University President Daniele Struppa also released a statement on Tuesday:

“I also want to extend my deepest apologies to the Black and LGBTQIA communities who were specifically targeted during today’s incident. This type of behavior is absolutely not tolerated. Together, we must create a safe environment for all students, faculty and staff. Each one of us is equally responsible and accountable for a campus climate that respects our differences and celebrates our diversity.”

Kingery now faces felony vandalism charges for destroying another student’s computer, as well as charges for resisting arrest and elder abuse. He bailed out of jail Wednesday morning, according to CBS.

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2 thoughts on “Chapman Univ. student arrested after a racist and homophobic rant was caught on video”
  1. Another out of control, privileged, rich kid who does not deserve to be in college or wants to be in college. I’m sure his parents will try to excuse his behavior.

  2. This person is clearly insane and needs to be evaluated and treated. Without such intervention, he will remain a threat to society. Criminal charges are appropriate, but till not render this person fit to participate in society

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