$1.6M in illegal narcotics seized in massive LA/OC drug bust

Multi-agency investigation leads to the seizure of $1.6 million worth of illegal narcotics

SANTA ANA, Ca. (July 26, 2018) – An investigation by a multi-agency operation to intercept narcotics and hold drug traffickers accountable has resulted in the arrest of three men and the confiscation of 184 pounds of illegal narcotics and five guns.

The investigation, which initiated in Orange County, resulted in the seizure of 68 pounds of methamphetamine, 26 pounds of fentanyl, 88 pounds of heroin and about 2 pounds of cocaine from multiple locations in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

Investigators uncovered the estimated $1.6 million worth of illegal drugs in various vehicles and residences, along with a total of five handguns and rifles. While investigators believe most of the narcotics were slated for distribution among the three counties, 18 pounds of methamphetamine was seized while in transit to northern California.

Several enforcement actions led to the narcotics seizures and the identification of multiple subjects, including a New Jersey resident and a Mexican National from Sinaloa, Mexico.

The agencies involved in this operation are: the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Orange Police Department, Buena Park Police Department, Tustin Police Department, Newport Beach Police Department, Fullerton Police Department, Huntington Beach Police Department, Santa Ana Police Department, and California State University Fullerton Police Department.

“While the amount of drugs we see on the street every day varies from small amounts to seizures of this magnitude and larger, the impact of drugs on our society continually increases,” said Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. “It’s important that our Orange County community knows of the daily battles waged against drugs, while fighting a war on major, transnational drug-trafficking cartels. We will continue to hold criminals accountable and remove drugs from our community in spite of the rapid decriminalization of drug crimes.”

At this time, no additional information will be provided regarding the individuals arrested or the narcotics seizures as this incident is part of a larger, active, and ongoing investigation. More information will be shared at the culmination of the full investigation.

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  1. When the Ppl speak out the drugs can be taken off the streets, multi agency or no multi agency, the Ppl of all of southern California can’t expect anything less, with all the technology that law enforcement has available to use in these times. Instead of just shaking down and harassing the homeless, three or four officers to one body on the ground.