The new Santa Ana Olive Garden location is opening up this Wednesday

The popular Olive Garden restaurant at the MainPlace Mall closed on Sunday night after some 30 years at that location. The good news is that their new restaurant is opening this Wednesday, at 11 a.m., across the street at the City Place, at 2791 N. Main St.

Parking at the City Place is awful but folks will be able to park at the MainPlace Mall and just walk across the street to the City Place. Or even park just north of the City Place at the shopping center where Barnes and Noble is located.

Click here to check out Olive Garden’s menu or to join their e-club. Click here for more info on the new location at the City Place.

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  1. Their price of the food food and the amout the food they serve do not much. The price of the food is high the food porsion is very little.rhat’s reason i stop going with my family.

  2. I agree with Shamus. There are much better places than OG to get your Italian on. Overpriced and terrible menu. They’re kinda like the Denny’s of Italian restaurants.