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Home 2014 Elections Why is David Benavides holding a campaign fundraiser in Michele Martinez’ ward?
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Why is David Benavides holding a campaign fundraiser in Michele Martinez’ ward?

Councilman David Benavides

Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides represents Ward 4, which stretches from Willits on the North to Sunflower on the South and from Fairview on the West to Flower on the East. There are plenty of restaurants in Ward 4 but for whatever reason Benavides is hosting a fundraiser on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at the Little Sparrow, located at 300 N. Main St., in Downtown Santa Ana – that is in Ward 2, which is represented by Councilwoman Michele Martinez.

Why is Benavides holding a major campaign fundraiser outside of his Ward?  This is a major snub to the businesses and residents of Ward 4.

Santa Ana City Council Ward Map

Benavides should have done his homework.  It turns out that the Little Sparrow, which Benavides calls “Award Winning” got inspected by the Orange County Health Care Agency on August 12, 2014.  And they got busted!  Here are the health violations they were issued:

Unsanitary Equipment/Utensil/Linen/Plumbing

Inadequate Hygiene (Hair/Clothing/Eating/Drinking)

Unapproved Pesticides/Chemicals/Labeling

Lack of/Improper Handwashing/Handwashing Sup.

Lack of/Unsanitary/Condition Walls/Floors/Ceilings

Lack of Food Protection Manager Certificate

Benavides wants you to fork over quite a bit of money in return for eating at a restaurant with Unsanitary Equipment, Inadequate Hygiene and Unapproved Pesticides, not to mention Unsanitary Walls/Floors/Ceilings and a Lack of a Food Manager Certificate.  And they were busted for a “Cockroach Infestation in a Critical Area” in February of this year!

Benavides wants you to fork over:

  • Friend: $99
  • Supporter: $249
  • Sponsor: $500
  • Co-Host: $1,000

The truth is that Benavides doesn’t give a damn about the people of Ward 4.  He likes to hang out in Downtown Santa Ana with his Planning Commissioner, Phil Bacerra – who happens to the only Planning Commissioner who steadfastly refuses to fill out the city-mandated communication disclosure forms that all of the other Planning Commissioners have already filled out.  Bacerra was a consultant to the bars in Downtown Santa Ana before Benavides appointed him, unwisely, to the Planning Commission.  Both Benavides and Bacerra have been promoting extending the DTSA bar hours to 4 am!  How irresponsible is that?

Perhaps Benavides is going through a mid-life crisis?  He came to Santa Ana some years ago as a youth minister with a young wife who was a teacher at the SAUSD.  He separated from her during his failed Mayoral campaign in 2012 and it is my understanding that they are now divorced but Benavides still lives in the home they bought together at a low interest rate that was offered to local teachers.

Why anyone would vote for Benavides at this point is a very good question.  He does have an opponent in the November General Election – a fellow named Alex Padilla.  I bet Padilla will be more faithful to the people of Ward 4 than Benavides has been!

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19 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Why would you link Alex Padilla’s Facebook when everything aside from a couple pictures (including 1 of a guy dressed as a junkie with face paint and a selfie) is blocked. Do we seriously want this kid over Benavides? Benavides wasn’t able to take on Pulido but he is going to destroy Padilla by a landslide.

    • You know that another Alex Padilla is also running for a Statewide office in November? Don’t be surprised when that Padilla’s campaign helps our local Padilla. Benavides got destroyed by Pulido and now he just might lose to a young rookie. Karma.

  2. Carpetbagger

    Michele’s campaign manager Alex Flores is openly campaigning for Padilla. While Martinez and Benavides seemed unified at Mondays DPOC meeting, clearly factions are emerging.

    David was asked point blank about where his family was being raised and he refused to answer.

  3. Elle

    Leave his family alone , what about pulido going over to hector Mariscos and begging them for donations he even gave them a go ahead for a hectors Mariscos #3….he loves to brain wash all the vaqueros there ….it’s so funny

    • Pulido never has a problem raising campaign funds. And he beat Benavides like a drum two years ago.

    • carpetbagger


      That’s funny, that’s EXACTLY what his EX-WIFE said to him when she took their kids and split.

      This guy was a bad husband, a bad father and is a bad councilman.

      What kind of man runs around at bars a late on weeknights while his kids are in bed for school. Say what you want about Pulido, at least he didn’t ditch his old lady for a twenty something single mom from the exercise class!

  4. Guadalupe

    What a dork-looking dude. Who’s motorcycle is hebusing in the picture? I will bet he doesnt even have an M1 endorsement on his license…

  5. Carpetbagger

    This is going to be a busy night around Third and Main!

    Davids fundraiser
    PLUS, Following Vince and Sal’s lead, HUNDREDS of homeless will be decending on the Little Sparrow seeking “meal vouchers”. I am told many homeless families will include hungry children.

    Lastly, I know the YES on CC Marijuana activists are planning rallies that week.

    This should be interesting, especially when the protesters (man those guys at Home Depot will do anything for twenty bucks) with banners reading:

    “se casó con Benavides ?”



  6. Anonymous

    My vote definitely goes to Mr. Benavides. Sorry Kid, this is not some ASB Election, this is the Big Leagues.

  7. Seamus MacDuff

    Why no article on the Council considering a criminal complaint against Pulido?

    • Because that’s a joke. They voted unanimously for the auto parts deal and there is zero evidence that Pulido asked them to do so.

    • Carpetbagger

      That’s because that is an amateur stunt Mike.

      Why can’t the people who hate Pulido so much (Alfredo Amezcua, Orange Resident Art Lomeli, Adan Elmeherek, Joe Dunn and company) run a decent candidate?

      Even Lou Correa declined. So is our best bet really Roman Reyna?

      What is it that you expect? Do you really think Mike, that Benavides, Martinez and Reyna are better suited to lead? Seriously PLEASE STAND UP AND SAY SO. What is it aside from hatred for Pulido that drives you?

      This is the same thing when Greg Diamond got pissed when that fat pig carpetbagger Julio Perez tried to weasel his way in to the 69th. Then the petulant bitch from Brea started whining when people called him out. We need honest (GAY or NOT Julio!!) representation in Santa Ana. SO GIVE US YOUR BEST CANDIDATES.


  8. Anonymous

    Let’s see Benavidez approved this restaurant’s ability to serve liquor and has a fundraiser at the same restaurant. How nice that he is a stooge, for sale and sells himself cheap. Next thing you know he’ll appoint someone from Garden Grove who was a lobbyist for the Little Sparrow to the planning. . . .

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