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Home Business Santa Ana real estate seminar set for this Thursday, July 31
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Santa Ana real estate seminar set for this Thursday, July 31

July 31, 2014
9:45 amto11:30 am
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Partners for Santa Ana.jpg

The next “Partners for Santa Ana Live Event is set for this Thursday, July 31, 2014 from 9:45 am – 11:30 am at the Orange County Register, located at 625 N Grand Ave., in Santa Ana.

This event is hosted by Charles’ Armijo and Sean Mill.  The event will feature speakers Robert Gragoso of Anchor Loans and Ruben Mata, a Mindset Coach.

The event is free for realtors. There is a small fee for others who may want to attend.  The proceeds will be donated to the Santa Ana Boys and Girls Club.  

Presentation Topics include:

  • How to prosper in any market
  • Smart ways to increase your volume
  • How to get started flipping properties
  • Go from selling ten properties a year to more than forty

For more info and seating, which is limited, call 714-865-0003 or 714-858-1145.

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35 Responses

  1. Sean Mill

    Thanks Art…At our last event on July 17th we raised $500 that was given directly to the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Ana at the event.

  2. Seamus MacDuff

    Nice to see that you are no longer improperly using the City of Santa Ana logo on the flyer for this event. Did you get chewed out again for doing that?

    • We have nothing to do with the flier. Nor does Sean for the record.

      So have you decided to hold your pal Phil Bacerra accountable yet or are you still OK with him not turning in his Planning Commission disclosure forms?

      • Seamus MacDuff

        What is the penalty for not turning in those forms? Is the penalty the same as Sean Mill has received for his repeated violations of the Santa Ana Code of Ethics – which is zero – zilch – nada?

        • You wish. Bacerra faces censure and could be dismissed from the Planning Commission.

          • Seamus MacDuff

            Censure by a bunch of unconstitutional piss-ass Planning Commissioners lead by bully Sean Mill doesn’t mean anything. And he would have to be removed by the City Council, which isn’t going to happen.

          • Actually I believe a majority of the Council will act to remove him. Transparency is a big deal to them.

        • Follow The $$$


          I just called the City Clerk and the office has no record of any violations of the Code of Ethics by Commissioner Mill. Please elaborate or provide some sort of documented proof backing up your claims.

          Enough with the red herrings already. Your pal got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, stop trying throwing mud at others as a means of justifying his actions.

          • Seamus MacDuff

            I filed a formal complaint of Sean Mill’s multiple violations of the SA Code of Ethics. I agreed to not pursue my complaint further when Councilman Tinajero agreed to put a muzzle on Mr. Mill.

          • Well that complaint is going in the round file but if Phil doesn’t fill out his disclosure forms he will be censured soon.

    • Planet Earth To McDuff

      With all the work that needs to be done in Santa Ana, you are worried about “unauthorized use of the city logo”???

      What planet do you live on?

  3. I wonder what qualifications Mr. Mill has to speak in such forum on any matters relating to business and economy when his personal economical and ethical life sucks.

    As you know, I am a victim of his predatory ethics.

    However, before you start defending him Mr. Pedroza, try to remove malware which is coming from your site fraudulently suggesting to update the FireFox. I got two attack while tipping this comment.

    • I use Sucuri to monitor for malware. You might be reacting to an ad.

      Sean isn’t unethical. You’re a past mayoral candidate and should know that political free speech is protected.

    • Stop The Violence

      Speaking of ethics Stan, do you still beat your wife?

      • Interesting question Mr. Mill and Mr. Pedroza always acting as ethical duet.

        What do you thing that I do Mr. Mill and Mr. Pedroza.

        I believe in karma and both of you are on a path to follow Bustamante and Pulido.

        It is just a matter of time.

        There are interesting rumors out there.

        Caveat: Unfortunately your Sucuri does not work as you think it does.

        • I’m no politician Fiala. I just blog about what goes on here in Santa Ana.

          • “I just blog about what goes on here in Santa Ana”………… Hmmmmmm

            You had your chance and you have missed it big time. Now you are just running on line Santa Ana Penny Saver you, Mill and yours imaginary characters.

            As to being a politician?……… Obviously you do not understand the word “politics”.

          • You know Fiala every time I ran for office it was because no one else did. But I have tired of that and prefer to spend my time helping other candidates and working on my blogs.

            So when are you running again? It has been awhile now.

          • “So when are you running again?”………. Hmmmmmmm

            As I stated earlier Pedroza, based on the representative Republic principle, I will run when 50 citizens knock on my door with 32 signatures on the nomination papers, ask me to represent them on the city council.

            One shouldn’t run to satisfy his own ego claiming that he helps others. As I recall, in all positions you have held you have not helped anyone

          • Silly Fiala. No one is going to coronate you. And your recollection is quite sketchy.

          • Well Pedroza, you have asked silly question so I gave you, as you claim, silly answer.

            I am not a prostitute like Correa who has been termed out about zillion times and keep hopping from an office to the office so he can land in the Federal one where he can’t be termed out.

            He is really big disaster for the Santa Ana since he is using the Mayoral position just for a temporary reason.

            But he may be good for you so you have other ass to kiss instead of Pulido’s and Mill’s

          • I’m still not sure he will run. So who will you support for Mayor?

          • How about Gordon?…….. You like him…. Huh?

          • I will be supporting Correa if he runs.

          • No kidding?………. That is really surprising.

          • Seamus MacDuff

            Suppose Claudia runs in order to split the anti- Pulido vote?

          • That would be odd. She should run for the First District if Janet wins.

          • “Suppose Claudia runs in order to split the anti- Pulido vote?”…… Hmmmmm

            The only thing Claudia can split is the beans.

            An average Santa Ana citizen has no clue who the president of the USA is, so Correa’s senatorship is gravely overrated.

            I bet if Correa runs Pulido can beet him hands down which would be detrimental to Correa’s political future.

            I think that Corea will run only if there is a deal, a quid pro quo, in which Pulido will promise to Correa not run but because of a delay in filing by incumbents that would have to be relay a word of a gentleman which Pulido is not.

  4. Sean Mill


    Charles and I were able to raise an additional $550 at our event this morning for the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Ana. That brings the total amount donated to date at $1050 to help the youth of Santa Ana.

    Jeff Hall, owner of Chapter One and C4 Deli, addressed the audience in his capacity as the President of the Downtown Santa Ana Restaurant Association. He educated the realtors about the growing “foodie” scene in our city and talked about all the fantastic restaurant available to all of us.

    It was well attended, well received and an overall success. It’s too bad that we have one or two negative folks that want to vilify those helping the community. Our group, Partners for Santa Ana, also helps out feeding the homeless in the civic center area once a week. I would invite those focused on being so negative to join us in giving back to the community.

    • Great job Sean! What a benefit to the community!

      • The Community here the Community there the Community everywhere……. why not the Communism?

        The failure of the Latino culture is their need to live in the communism like environment instead as the individuals who participate in supply and demand free market economy.

        The Latinos are hopeless losers now $1050 richer…. wow!.

        That is what an average panhandler makes per week.

    • Reaper

      How many business leads did you get for your title company Mills? How does flipping homes help the community? How many of those restaurants had business before the planning commission?

      • Your last question is better targeted to Phil Bacerra – was a paid DTSA restaurant consultant before joining the Planning Commission. What is he trying to hide by not filling out his mandated disclosure forms?

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