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Home Crime SAUSD Police Chief Rodriguez defends the school cop who roughed up a kid
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SAUSD Police Chief Rodriguez defends the school cop who roughed up a kid

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SAUSD School Police Statement 04-11-14 from sausdnews on Vimeo.

SAUSD School Police Chief Hector Rodriguez spoke this afternoon at a press conference regarding the latest in the investigation of a Santa Ana Police School Officer and the arrest of a 14-year old male.

Predictably Rodriguez said he was still investigating the incident – but then he blamed the young man for resisting arrest.

SAUSD School Police Chief Hector Rodriguez

Rodriguez said several times that his department is about “helping kids.”  He said his officers are “respectful” and treat people with “dignity.”

Rodriguez did not mention the fact that the school cop in question was clearly caught on video being something other than “respectful” and “dignified.”

I can’t imagine that this incident will be fairly investigated by Rodriguez. The mother of the young man in question should lawyer up and make sure that the SAUSD pays for the extreme and excessive use of force by the school cop, as caught on video and seen by multiple bystanders.

And we are still waiting to hear from our elected SAUSD School Board Members.  Only one of them, John Palacio, has spoken to the press and none of them appear to be standing up for the young man in question.  You know what that means – the SAUSD is running the show and these elected officials are getting paid for NOTHING.

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2 Responses

  1. Carpetbagger

    Of course he does.

    His “detectives” had to depend on Anaheim PD to solve the recent murder of three women in a six block area of Santa Ana.

    SAPD is a mess.

  2. Anonymous

    Why should they stand up for the little sh*t…

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