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Home Arts and Culture Frida Cinema to open on Feb. 21 with a South East European Film Festival
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Frida Cinema to open on Feb. 21 with a South East European Film Festival

February 21, 2014
7:30 pmto10:00 pm
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Frida Cinema
Frida Cinema, Santa Ana’s own community arthouse cinema, dedicated to enriching, connecting, and educating communities through the art of cinema, is opening this month.  Frida is located at 305 East Fourth St. in Downtown Santa Ana’s East End, which used to be referred to as Calle Cuatro.

The Frida Cinema has chosen to open their theater with one of the most celebrated Southern California foreign film festivals – the South East European Film Festival. Celebrating almost ten years of screening hundreds of films from countries often unrepresented by American distributors, SEEfest visits Orange County for the first time with a select group of films – many of them screening for the first time in the United States. 

SEEfest launches its weekend of diverse international films on Friday, February 21, with Tango Abrazos (Vaje v objemu), the new feature film from Slovenian writer-director Metod Pevec. The film will be screened in its original language, with English subtitles.

Coming to The Frida mere months after its triple win an the Festival of Slovenian Film (Best Director, Best Actor – Uros Furst, and Best Actress – Jana Zupancic), Tango Abrazos is a romantic comedy that focuses on two couples, both going through their share of growing pains, who meet when they both enroll in a community tango class. Surprising complications arrive as they come to embrace this dance of passion and desire, and in the care of award-winning director Pevec, each is handled with an earnestness, and without a overbearing sense of sentiment and irony, that is rarely found in modern romantic comedies. An effervescent work that is at once a celebration of romance, communication, camaraderie, and the tango, Tango Abrazos was selected jointly by SEEfest and The Frida to launch both SEEfest’s first venture into Orange County, as well as The Frida herself.

Here is the entire SEEfest schedule at Frida:

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Very exciting news!!

  2. Anonymous

    It was not too long ago when the editor wrote that the theater would not get the community support it was looking for. He hoped it would fail just like he hopes and prays that dtsa will fail. Not going to happen. How do you like your crow prepared? Go Frida and dtsa!

    • I guess we will be finding out soon if our residents want to see movies in the Slavik language.

      • Anonymous

        We sure do! The Frida Cinema is already a huge improvement to the crap that existed before.

        • It replaced the only first run theater in Santa Ana. That establishment actually served the majority of residents in our city. The Frida will have to survive with support from folks who don’t live here. I don’t wish them ill but starting off with movies from a part of the world that few Americans care about is an inauspicious beginning. How will they make a profit showing films like this?

  3. carpetbagger

    The MAJORITY of Santa Ana’s population does not speak English convincingly. Yet a Armeinian film festival adds culture. For Christs sake, is this how far it’s come?

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