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Are you ready to vote?


2014 Elections

Are You Ready to Vote?

By OC Supervisor Pat Bates

The upcoming Statewide Direct Primary Election, Tuesday, June 3 and the General Municipal Election, Tuesday, November 4 provide an opportunity to review your voter registration requirements and upcoming dates.

If you have moved since the last election, changed your name or political party affiliation, you will be required to re-register in order to be eligible to participate in the upcoming elections. If you are turning 18 on or before Election Day, you are eligible to vote.
Important upcoming dates:

June 3 Statewide Direct Primary Election

  • May 19 – Last Day to Register to Vote
  • May 27 – Last Day to Apply for a Vote-by-Mail Ballot

November 4 General Municipal and Statewide Election

  • October 20 – Last Day to Register to Vote
  • October 28 – Last Day to Apply for a Vote-by-Mail Ballot

To check your voter registration status, please click here.


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One Response

  1. cook

    On October 29, 2013, the City of Santa Ana received a voter initiative petition to amend the City’s Charter to change elections of councilmembers from At-Large to within Wards

    I think the elimination of the voter’s right to vote on their city council members, all of them, is a mistake.

    The idea that braking down the voters to small districts, wards, or groups to make it easier for losers to win a seat is erroneous. The losers will still lose and it will make it easier for special interest to buy wards on the cheap.

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