RIP, Ricky Cardenas

Ricky Cardenas

Santa Ana lost one of its own on Saturday, January 18, 2014, when Ricky Cardenas died of a heart attack, according to an online source.  Cardenas, a graduate of Century High School and MacArthur Intermediate, had developed a successful career as a nightclub VIP Host and Promoter.

The Heat Ultra Lounge, in Anaheim, is in fact hosting a huge party tonight in his memory with So Cal’s greatest DJ’s and promoters united. Tickets available here: Call 714.776.4328 for more info and table reservations. All of the proceeds will be going to the Cardenas family to help them pay for funeral expenses.

Ricky Cardenas party at Ultra Heat Lounge

I got to know Ricky because his little brother David plays baseball with my son Jacob at the historic Northeast Santa Ana Little League.  Ricky and his mom and dad and all of Ricky’s seven sisters would always come by to cheer on David.  Ricky’s absence will be felt by all of us going forward.

Ricky used to work in the mortgage industry, from what I recall, but when that business went south he got into the business of entertaining people at various clubs in Orange County.  He proved to be very good at it.  Besides the Ultra Heat Lounge, Ricky also worked with Sutra, in Costa Mesa.

Ricky Cardenas and his mom

To know Ricky was to be his friend as he was one of the nicest guys I have ever met.  He loved working out and he loved life.  Ricky was in his twenties.  His birthday was coming up in February.  While he no longer lived in Santa Ana he was nearby, in Anaheim.  And he stayed involved with his family.  He was particularly close to his mom.

It is always shocking when a young person dies.  To lose a great guy like Ricky, with so many years ahead of him, is just devastating.  Please pray for his family and click here to donate to his funeral fund.

An all-night vigil for Ricky will be held on Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 8:30 pm, at Saint Barbara Catholic Church, located at 730 S. Euclid St., in Santa Ana.  Mass will follow immediately on Monday, January 27, 2014, at 10 am.  His burial service will follow at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery at 7845 Santiago Canyon Road, in Orange.

  1. Thank you for finally reporting what happened to this man. It seemed lots of people being attacked for asking a simple question, “how did Ricky pass away?” Many of his friends claiming it was no one’s business. i was shocked at how many people were verbally attacked for wanting to know a simple piece of information. I have lost loved ones and have not felt I had to keep details of their death away from their friends or anyone. It’s not private if you lived off social media.
    It’s a double edged sword….you want privacy then you shouldn’t post your daily life on social media. It’s the price we pay.

    • Very true. It is a quandary.

      Ricky was a beloved figure in Orange County and I know that his passing is a complete shock. He was so young.

      • It’s a tragedy. My heart goes out to his family. I hope we can learn from his death. A heart attack at age 27? This is not natural.

      • Over this past weekend I stumbled upon this story and had no idea it would have such an impact on my life. You see I am very sick right now struggling with an addiction and I began praying for this young mans family and friends, and have also chose to use Ricky’s untimely passing as a wake-up call for myself. I am so very sorry for the pain the family and friends are feeling, just know that his story is already working in my life, I am 4 days clean, and I am so inspired by all the love Ricky is receiving, I know he must have made a difference in many peoples lives, and now his legacy has begun a positive change in my life….God bless all his family/friends

    • Yes I was asking and got the same response. Yes it’s not my business why he died , but it seemed they didn’t want anyone to know how he died which made it odd as it was a secret. So I stopped asking and just read the news paper to get info.

      • What’s really amazing is how they would ignore the question and then ask for funds. I’m all for helping others but please tell me what happened. I even mentioned this article to one gentleman who was being ignored and I was verbally trashed with f bombs galore! I decided not to be a part of this. If you want to raise funds then do it with integrity; tell the community the truth. Yes, a young man has died but face the reality of what has happened. dying is not shameful. For goodness sakes don’t tell us it’s private info bc this guy was living his life in the open for all to see. He was out there. Do right by him; tell his entire story however painful it might be.

        • We know he had a heart attack. And it is entirely possible that he had an undiagnosed heart defect. Why do you assume that he was on drugs? I never saw any evidence of that. He comes from a very religious family and I don’t think he would have wanted to hurt his mom and dad with such behavior.

          • I never said he was on drugs that was another poster. My post is about telling the whole story. How he died is not for me to judge.

          • I was reading this and to me it seems as if you are trying to hide the truth from the readers. No one mentioned drugs but yet you are quick to deny drug use. You are the editor/ face of this story. You as a writer to the community should have all your facts straight before publishing such a story. Tell the truth. That is your job as a community writer. Did you see the autopsy report? If not than who are you to put that he had a heart-attack? Please have all the information before writing a story like this. He seems like a great man, people seemed to love him and from what I see in pictures he loved his parents/family. It is unfortunate that this man passed away to unaware causes as for now know of. No one in his family has yet mention the correct cause. So may god bless him and his close ones.

          • I am a writer for Pasadena star news and close friend of his too. I know that you need to have facts about writing a true story not to mention a story about a humans life. It is wrong to go and mention heart-attack with out having evidence in what may have caused the heart-attack. At least say that you don’t have all your facts right or that there is still more to come by this story.

          • We’re a blog not a newspaper. So we don’t have to heed your standards.

            Why someone from Pasadena would have it in for Ricky is a very good question.

          • I do not have it in for him…. Please stop making assumptions as you did before. If anything I have nothing but respect and love for him and his friends for all that they have done for him. They raised over 40k just yesterday and last night for him. I have lots of respect for him. Pls be careful how you “blog” you keep on putting words in peoples mouth. Not a good thing. Oh this was a great blog and good pics too! His sister has a great pic of him holding her.

        • No will ever know his story it’s only for the family to know!! He had 7 sister and 1 young brother and his amazing parents and the funds was never ask from the family it was from his loveing friends they don’t know the story but good hearted. Just pray for his soul and let it be.

        • Chloe you obviously don’t have a life if you just want to know information about other people’s lives. Live your own life and leave other people to do the same. And next time get your facts straight, the family never asked for funds. So next you post something make sure it’s true and not slander. His friends started the funds not his family!!!!

          • First of all I know the family did not ask for funds. When I referred to “they” I meant his friends and his circle of followers. You have no right to attack or call anyone names for wanting to know what had occurred.I happened to read about Ricky via IG and FB…because he was hash tagging and shouting out to other followers I happen to also follow. Whether you all like it or not Ricky was not shy about how he lived his life. Look at his IG and FB! Yes, we all know we are not entitled to any details about his death. However Ricky and half of his circle are quite open about other aspects of their lives. In many ways they are living in the public eye. I have an amazing life and I live my life with integrity. Also I find it quite distasteful and rude for Ricky’s circle of friends and followers to attack someone who asked what had happened. You need to wind your neck in!!!!

      • I am not fixated on how he died i simply said to get your facts straight. You clearly are a moron and have no education at all. I will delete this “blog” and simply say thank you for writing about our friend even thou you left out facts. Have a great day!!!

        • Interesting response from an alleged reporter. Is this how you always behave when you are questioned?

          I wrote this post to let my readers know about what happened and to promote the fundraising effort and the funeral services. I didn’t write this post to give people an opportunity to rip Ricky. That he died of a heart attack is all we need to know. If you want more details then go get the coroner’s report. If you’re really a reporter you should know how to do that.

          • Hello, i am one of Ricky’s younger sisters and i agree with Ester above. i don’t know where you got your information because not even we know cause of death yet. It is clear you don’t know what you’re talking about because you have more than that wrong. Ricky has seven younger sisters and one brother and we would all appreciate it if you didn’t spread false rumors. As for all the other people who were “insulted” as to why we did not release “what happened” to him, it was because we don’t believe that necessary information to be able to pray for him. For whoever is praying, please continue to pray, we are all very thankful and may God continue to bless you.

          • Thanks. We’ll amend the post. Sorry for your loss.

            We’ll post our source as to the cause of death as well. That site is in Spanish but we’ll post a translated version.

            As we stated before our goal in writing this post was to inform the public about Ricky’s passing, promote the family’s fundraising effort and announce the funeral services.

            According to our data analytics we have referred over 150 readers to your fundraising website. And this post has had over 7,000 views. Ricky clearly left an impact on a lot of people.

          • I don’t think anyone here is questioning how many people loved Ricky. I for one am not judging him. The fact is he lived his life by social media. Why not address the questions that were surrounding his death? If no one knows the exact details; then why not post something like, “cause of death has not been determined” and then you stave off all the inquiries as to what happened. Why all the mystery surrounding this beloved young man? In my opinion this is contrary to the way Ricky lived his life. It seems to me Ricky did not hide his feelings and lived his life with integrity. He was out there living his life with no regrets or shame. He was confident and people loved him. Since Ricky was such a public figure; then why not release a simple photo with details about who Ricky was and a blurb about cause of death unknown? People care – whether you like it or not – many people are intrigued by his story. What’s wrong with wanting to know why a vibrant 27 year old man with so many friends and a lovely family is gone? I only speak for those of us who are genuinely concerned and know what it feels like to lose a loved one or loved ones. I am sincerely saddened about his death. I pray for his family and his loved ones.

    • I totally agree. He was so young to have had a heart attack! Wonder what caused it, maybe that’s what they are hiding..?? They probably don’t want people judging.

      • Having a heart attack at such a young age is not such am uncommon thing. It happens more than you think and on top of that this blogger posted that with out even knowing if it is the truth. It may just be a blog but don’t start rumors and help them spread.

        • We provided a link to our source. And invited the family to correct the record. They didn’t.

          This post has had over 9,000 views. There was clearly a lot of interest in what happened to Ricky.

    • If you did not know Ricky personally you have no business asking what happened to him until it is written in the newspaper. At a time like this, that is the one thing you want to know? Let the family have closure before you even ask a question like this. Have some respect! In my opinion if this is what you wanted to know you are just being nosey instead of giving your condolences to the family.

  2. He died after a night out. The nightlife has a lot of temptations. Not right to assume but with such secrecy, it just makes people wonder. His closest friends are no strangers to the “things” that come with nightclubs. I even remember reading comments such as “snowboarding” — if this is the case, young people should use this as an example to think twice what they decide to do.

    • Yo….noone said he had a heart attack because he was on drugs….theybsimply implied that a heart attack at 27 was unatural. And not to be a douch…but if u want to talk logistics and FACTS….anybody who really knew ricky and arent just claiming they did for the uneccasary drama…..knew that ricky used cocaine and drank alcohol on a regular basis. So u can all pretend likw thus was natural but really come on now people get real

    • The family is not tying to keep secrets but put yourself in their shoes. Have some dignity. A young man has passed no one is asking for your money or your opinion. This matter could be resolved once the family has sometime to grieve properly. It hasn’t even been a week. Rest in heaven my bro.

    • Anyone who KNEW Ricky knows he had heart problems. That’s very few people. And all I’m saying is nobody was there with him, therefore nobody truly knows what caused the heart attack. Just don’t come on here claiming that you knew him and that he did coke trying to say that was the cause when you don’t even know. Let the man rest and the family grieve. It’s understandable you have questions, but don’t be disrespectful about it. I don’t get how it makes people feel better by coming to their own conclusions and claiming the know what happened. He died alone, therefore nobody KNOWS anything. This loss is heartbreaking as it is, please show respect.

      • Yes thats true he did have heart problems! I went to the Century High School as well he was a very nice person and very helpful to others and always with a smile on his face!! People should stop thinking the worse when someone passes away… the Family is going through a painful moment…. and peoples comments like the ones im reading are not helping the family at this moment!! May he RIP and God Bless his Family and Friends!! Prayers to his Family!!

          • Of course I respect this family. I have known them for years. But deleting these comments is not going to force people to stop thinking stupid thoughts. This post has had over 4,000 views and we have referred a lot of readers to the fundraising website that is helping the Cardenas family to pay for Ricky’s funeral services.

            Ricky lived in social media and if he were alive right now he would appreciate the fact that he is being mourned by a lot of friends – in social media. Let’s not focus on what a few haters are saying about him. Doing that will give them the victory.

      • To reply to this Ricki did in fact have a heart attack from cocaine and alcohol. Yes he came from an amazing family and up coming, but Ricki, like many get caught up in drugs. This didn’t make him a bad person, this just became his fast lifestyle. This is a known fact straight from the family. I’m not being disrespectful as I was a childhood friend of his. The madness has to stop. It has been painful to everyone and it became a “secret” to protect the family.aybe it wasn’t the best thing to try to hide it, but it just turned out that way. No disrespect to anyone, let’s all be at peace. This article is not completely accurate. God Bless.

        • I respect your sincere honesty here and can say I did not know Ricky personally but from what I can see by the tremendous amount of LOVE coming from those who knew and loved him, I am truly inspired by the young man. I think it is not important to the public (this early on) how this happened, but I do believe Ricky’s story can inspire the lives of others later on, because I too have stories that have helped change the decisions of many of our young. Respect the families grief and go out and do something for someone else today..God bless you ALL!! RIP Ricky and may your family ne filled with strength…

    • Leaving a comment like that not only shows the type of person you are but it also shows the magnitude of garbage you have in that so called brain of yours. Your day will come and may God have mercy on you when you are grieving the loss of a loved one.

  3. I know he did come from a great, religious wholesome family. They are without question great people, sometimes people stray away from that. Please let them have the power to decide to tell the public how he passed. I think if they would have liked for the public to know they would have told them. Otherwise please respect their privacy and in time, they may feel comfortable sharing.

  4. Society amazes me on what they say for attention RIP you’re a legend in my eyes and you took good care of your family. Great man and humble.

  5. so sad, i never knew him but social media made him a rising star, its hard to lose your child he was so young and reguardless how he past shouldnt matter, at least it happened at home and not out in the street some where what matters is he’s in heaven celebrating

  6. idk why it matters how he died…He’s gone and may he RIP…Let’s all pray for him and his family

  7. I use to be in the “scene” with Ricky I have to say….Last night was epic! No hatred anywhere. It was all about coming together for a man who helped changed the industry. When we needed VIP we called Ricky. It was always a great time with him because well… he made it that way. He was full of life and if we can be as happy and generous as he was maybe the world would be a better place. May god bless you the way that you have blessed us. I walk way with knowing how be a better person because of Ricky. I hope that we can pass his legacy on

  8. Everyone who knew him and partied w/him knew what he was about and that he loved using cocaine.. The cause of his death was the use of liquid cocaine that led to the heart attack that killed him. He partied the night before and never imagine his last use would kill him. He was open about his love for cocaine on his IG people! Keep the image alive but at the don’t hide the truth! Let this be a lesson to young kids that party and think it’s fun to use drugs. Just like it killed Ricky it will kill you as well. He was a great loving & caring guy who would take his shirt of his for anyone & I’m sure Ricky didn’t think this would happen to him but it did. Let this be a wake-up call for everyone out there who thinks it “cool” to use these party drugs. May Ricky-C RIP

  9. Thank you for trying to clear up the air, but i do still think it should be the families choice to share publically how their loved one passed. I know they have ben open to it to close family and friends, but making it public might be questionable in this situation. But i kow your intentions meant well. Sometimes we just need to let people think what they please, his soul is being prayed for every night by close friends and family.

  10. Rest in Peace Ricky this man had a beautiful soul and was always smiling.. prayers to your family and friends

  11. Thank you for trying to clear up the air, but i do still think it should be the families choice to share publically how their loved one passed. I know they have ben open to it to close family and friends, but making it public might be questionable in this situation. But i kow your intentions meant well. Sometimes we just need to let people think what they please, his soul is being prayed for every night by close friends and family.

  12. The fact that he used drugs doesn’t take away from the great man that he was and will cont to be an unforgettable legend. Just put the truth as it is out there so the rest can wake-up! Sometimes we need to lose someone very special for the rest to wake-up. God took Ricky from us..Someone so important that hundreds of people are paying attention. PAY ATTENTION AND QUIT USING THOSE PARTY DRUGS. Ricky will forever live & think he lost his life to save you.

    • Very well said!!! I for one am using this tragic event to change my life,, thank you Ricky, and thank you Jesus! I have gained an angel in my fight. My prayers are with Ricky’s family and friends…God bless!!

    • One love. It’s funny how u know more then his own family. The toxicology results take 5 to 7 weeks…. Stop jumping into conclusions and stop spreading rumors.

  13. maybe he should have surounded himself with more positive influential “friends”… My girlfriend would never let me fall to drugs, because we want the best for each other . Obviously people are showing they are now, but in the moment they were probably all about it. It does teach a lesson, and hopefully willhelp those people as well.

    • We make our own choices and Ricky had many friends. He was many great positive friends but at the end of the day it was “His” choice to consume. He had a great family & Loving friends and Girlfriend.

  14. I agree.. Since the truth is out there now, maybe the people who were his “friends” wanted the best for him , but this was not the best for him… My girlfriend would never let me fall to drugs because we are supposed to support each other and want the best for one another. I know ricky maybe should have surrounded himself with more positive influential people, but maybe this happened for his current “friends” to wake up . its not “cool” anymore is it

    • Why keep mentioning the “girlfriend” part? She is in great pain and like I said at the end of the day Ricky made his own choices. No one was at fault and we are responsible for our own actions. There is no one to blame here but oneself…Lets leave the rest of his family, friends and gf to heal in peace.

      • People are curious his cause of death because they are shocked that someone his age passed. If his ‘friends’ would’ve answered ‘we don’t know’ ‘people aren’t sure’ ‘heart-attack’ it would’ve been case closed. It’s was all the it’s ‘none of your business’ ‘out of respect for the family we can’t say’ that made people think it is something bad.

      • I Agree with @onelove no need to jeep mentioning the GIRLFRIEND part. Im sure she is already going through lot. But @onelove lets not be naive now. U just said anyone who partied with him knew he was using. It obviously wasnt his family going out every weekend with him. I think she know his parents and brothers and sisters TruSTed her with rickys life every time they went out. Like i said im sure she has enough on her plate .. ricky was a grown man made his owN choices. Im glad your girlfriend would never let u fall into drugs. But u know notjing of their relationship. Maybe she would do. itwith him maybe she asked him to stop. Only she knows.

  15. I agree back off the girlfriend your being a total dick and u have no clue anythuing about her our their relationship to say she even knew

  16. @onelove I do not think it is anyones place to speak of how he died , except the families. But i understand you are trying to clear the air. It is not something I think we would like on the internet about the situation. Thank you.

    • This is life and when you live in the public eye this is how it is. Like I said before The fact that he used drugs doesn’t take away from the great man that he was and will cont to be an unforgettable legend. This is reality and the reality of life.

  17. Regardless of how he passed, he’s gone. Wether it was drugs, or a heart attack, it won’t change the fact that he is now gone. I knew him as kid’s growing up and I can honestly say he always treated me the same. Just as if we picked up where we left off, each and every time we saw each other. Never grew a big head, always humble and helpful and full of life. Ricky C. Leaves behind nothing but good memories for me. I hope he did the same for you too. For everyone reading this, make time for family and friends…don’t get caught up in just work..You’ll wish you could have spent more time when something this tragic happens..

  18. Pressing delete is not going to change one thing. People have opinions. This is our reality. Social media is a double edged sword. You cannot control what people will think or feel. People can be mean and hurtful but as you can see people can also be quite lovely and come together for Ricky and his family as was proven with the funds being raised. Be strong and face the storm. If you delete this another blog will pop up.

    • I don’t think the blog needs to be deleted, but most of the comments are thoughts that people should keep to themselves. As his family mourns the loss of his life, they need to remember the things that are good. The fact that he isn’t even here to defend himself is reason enough for the speculation comments to stop. The writer has to approve these comments. I am surprised they were allowed. That is all.

      • I don’t believe the comments but I also can’t disprove them. But understand that just because we allowed them doesn’t mean that we agree with them.

        • First off who are any of you to comment on this article. You guys live off of media and have nothing better to do but talk about “my cousin”. “Only God can judge” don’t forget that. Not one of you guys have any respect for my cousin Ricky, his girlfriend, or my family. And if my family wants to keep it quiet then that’s there choice not yours.

  19. This is really a sad case. I think for the most part people want to know how he died because they can relate and hopefully avoid that situation. They see themselves being Ricky. The lifestyle. There is a consequence to this and I am sure Ricky looking down can say that if my end can save someone else’s life, he will be happy.

    • I don’t think neither the blog or any of the comments tell us what happened. Everyone should stop speculating. I just read his dog passed as well. All very fishy for someone who passed of natural causes. But right it’s no ones business. May he rest in peace.

        • I don’t know if you are serious or just trying to patronize me but yes a few people on IG have posted rip to Nigel his dog as well. I honestly would like to just know what happened to the poor doggy. But it’s a heck of a coincidence as well. So much we don’t know but what could be so bad that it’s being such a closely guarded secret. Many many people showed their love and support not to mention financial support because they were touched by the gigantic heart of a great man. And even if we only knew him in passing we did so because we care about him. We are curious as to what the circumstances surrounding his passing are to settle our hearts as well.

          • I agree with this and I think it’s very respectful. I really want to know what happened to the dog as well, he was adorable. Ricky seemed like a good guy and it’s very sad that he passed.

  20. His Facebook a while back says he was 45 days SOBER… and he was a club promoter. It’s no secret he used drugs. Look at his social media.

    As nice/great/religious/etc. one and one’s family may be, addiction does not discriminate. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and obviously he wasn’t if he was posting about his sobriety on social media. I’m not saying I know how he died but it’s so frustrating to see his friends get angry because people ask.

    In my humble opinion, if it was drugs, keep his memory alive by informing people what can happen, start an organization in his name. I think Ricky would love that. I’m also sure no one knows for certain if it was a heart attack/drugs/or otherwise…. toxicology reports take a while.

    Above all, may he rest in peace.

    Editor, this blog was a good idea but you’re rude and maybe take a blog writing class?

    • You people are so rude. Keep your assumptions to yourself. Can you at least wait for the toxicology report to then start bashing the poor dead man? People are grieving a great loss and then there’s those like yourself who just want to try and find out whatever you can to start adding your two cents. Have respect for the family and friends, if they don’t want to answer your questions right now, they don’t have to. What is it to you anyway? Give it some time at least before you start posting things in blogs about his life and whatever you found on Facebook. I hope you don’t lose a close loved one because then you will find yourself on the other side trying to keep them in good memory.


  22. this dialog is shameful. my heart goes out to Ricky’s family and friends. have some respect and stop making your own quest for the ‘truth’ more important than people closest to him mourning. his mother & father lost a son, his siblings a brother…it’s hard enough mourn without selfish gossip and unnecessary accusations.

  23. Some people can b so mean and vicious… His friends and family r devastated and I don’t think they’re interested at this point to have a press conference to explain all the details about his death. Most of the people making assumptions and leaving messages didn’t even know Ricky personally. And those leaving anonymous messages assuring he died from drugs should know that not even those really close to him know all the details yet. I Understand that people r curious to know what happened but have some respect and understand that his family, friends and girlfriend r going through a really hard time. And for u Chloe just know that Ricky knew a lot of people and he was loved by many. We all wanted to contribute some how for all his expenses and show his family how much we love him and care for him. So the call about donating money was more then anything for those who knew and love Ricardo. I knew Ricky personally he was good friends with my daughter and all I can say is that he was a very fine young man and his death is a great loss.

    • I read the article and I also read the stupid comments these ignorant people are saying and I think it’s so rude that they’re asking how this young man died personally I didn’t know Ricky but from what I see on my Instagram he was very loved by many people! his friends his family and his girlfriend are grieving and devastated And you guys are worried about how he died if you died because he was using if that was The reason why he heart attack I think it’s so f*cking rude and instead of worrying about how he died just pray for the family and friends and his girlfriend pray that they have comfort in this hard freaking time they’re going through it’s just my opinion and that’s how I feel people these days don’t have respect for no one let him rest in peace! My prayers are with Ricky’s family friends and girlfriend riprickyc

  24. Personally I didn’t know Ricky from what I see on my Instagram he was loved by many I just think it’s f*cking disrespectful and rude that you guys are worried about how he died if he used drugs and if that was the reason that he had a heart attack it’s not your guises business how he died just realized a young man died let him rest in peace pray for the family his friends his girlfriend these people are devastated from this lost and they are grieving people these days are so f*cking rude and disrespectful my prayers to the cárdenas family and friends

  25. Thank you Editor! See this is the sort of responses I read on IG and FB. Lots of profanity aimed at people asking a simple question. Then posts are all followed by, ‘praying for you’. Hypocrisy at it’s best! For those of you that are angry and hurt about this blog; how about curbing the profanity. Why such vulgarity? Wash out your mouth with soap. That is disrespectful.

  26. I am another of Ricky’s younger sisters and I would really appreciate if this blog was deleted because most of your information is false. Thank you.

      • It’s so sad to see such a young man die of a heart attack.But what was the cause cocaine? It is all over his Instagram the only sad thing I see is how supposedly his so called friends why they did not help him with his addiction.. Or his family that’s why everything is such a secret if his sisters knew what shame they did not help him if it’s all over his Instagram that he abused cocaine.. I guess everyone that knew should feel guilty!!!

        • To the person who commented on Ricky’s “alleged” cocaine or drug use: you have no idea about addiction. I’m not saying Ricky was a drug user as I have no facts to back that up. However my brother was addicted to meth and out of all his 6 siblings and my dear mother PLUS countless of friends and loved ones trying to intervene and help – it came down to my brother either dying or hitting rock bottom! He hit rock bottom! He became homeless. Do you know what it’s like to watch a loved one destroy themselves to drugs? I do. It is one if the most painful events in my life. My mother did as any mother could do. Eventually she had to close the door on him. Today he repairing his life as best he can. Most of the time interventions do not work. IF Ricky was using and that’s a BIG IF; it would have been his fight and his family and friends would have supported him as he tried to fight and they would have urged him to stop and you can bet they would have held him every step of the way. Please do not blame family or friends. Many times they are standing in the wings helpless and powerless. Again I am not saying Rick was a drug user. I have always said I don’t care how this young vibrant man died. His story is intriguing and wanted to know his story and not all the morbid details.

  27. I don’t understand why people are calling it “hatred” because some have commented on the possibility that he died as a result of drug use. Some may think it’s disrespectful but I don’t see these people as being hateful toward Ricky. If anything, they are curious about him because they care in some way. Of course it’s possible that anything happened but I too thought it was probably drugs when I took a look at his instagram pics. If it was, keeping it a secret seems like there is some shame involved. Maybe if we didn’t shame those who used drugs, there could be a lot more healing and lot less tragedy.

  28. This blog makes me laugh. Ricky was like an older brother to me and seeing him laid to rest was not easy. For people wanting to know what happened. Why does it matter? I am family and I do not know and do not care. So why should anyone else care or want to know I just buried a brother yesterday. And everyone attacking about using social media and that it is a double edged sword. The family used social media, because it was the quickest and simplest way to inform everyone about the funeral arrangements and his passing and also Ricky used it to help promote his clubs. And saying he died from a heart attack when you do not know and saying he used cocaine. Makes me laugh even more I hung out with Ricky and partied until 5am with him on several occasions where we did not drink alcohol or use drugs. Just because a person is a club promoter does not mean they have to drink. The editor of this blog has issues. You say you just wanted to inform people about the fundraiser well thats all you should have done instead of saying he had a heart attack and leaving the posts up saying he used cocaine. Yes you cannot stop people from thinking, but you can stop people from spreading lies and making people think he used cocaine and died from it. Your making the sisters upset. I want you to put your self in their shoes and think if your mom, dad, brother, sister or even someone you loved dearly died. And than Someone like you came along made a blog and said oh they committed suicide or died from alcohol poison, when you do not even know and you are trying to mourn and people walk up to you telling you your brother died from a heart attack because he used cocaine. Have some respect and actually think about what your actions are doing and try to help like you wanted to and not make it harder for the family, because YOUR ACTIONS ARE MAKING IT HARDER FOR THE FAMILY! and thanks to everyone for the prayers and respectful posts.

    • We struggle with comments on a daily basis. Where do you draw the line? I knew Ricky too and I never had cause to think he was on drugs. We found a source that cited the cause of death as a heart attack and when one of his sisters said our post was wrong we invited her to let us know what the supposed inaccuracies were and she did not.

      I do have a brother who died. He was bipolar and he shot himself. I have never hid that fact from the world. I miss him and wish he could have got help in time.

      • These people are obviously ashamed of what they could have done. Why keep it a secret a lot of people knew him and I’m sure they want to know what happened to their friend

          • Guess i never thought if it that way since i do not ha e kids. But these comments ate a bit accurate. As a friend someone or myself should hhaave stepped in and said slow down. we all wish there were things done differently. His family were bot the ones partyibg out with him, his friends and girlfriend . As the family i guess i too would look at his girlfriend as trustibg my son with his life with u . We all want to be with soneone who will make us a better person, take care of us, and our families trust. That trust was probably broken. Shamful. As am i . Im sorry tothe FAMILY FOR THEIR LOSS, gorgeous services. Prayers are always with u , pray for comfort and heart felt love.

        • These people are obviously ashamed. haha They have not even got a toxicology report or a reason on how he died. You do know that it takes weeks if not months to find out how a person died. Its not like he was 80 years old and had cancer. He was a healthy 27 year old. This is not CSI where people find the cause of death within 2 minutes.

        • Bc the autopsy report does not magically appear within minutes. It takes weeks to months. It is not like CSI at all.

    • He has photos on his instagram talking about taking liquid cocaine shots, it’s obvious he most likely used. How about just saying, “Our son/brother had a drug problem but we loved him regardless of it.”

      I would like to know what happened to his dog. His girlfriend’s instagram clearly states that his dog died as well, possibly two dogs even. I didn’t know him but I am an animal lover and I actually do feel it’s my business what happened to the dog. Can someone point to a news article or something?

      • LIQUID COCAINE IS AN ALCOHOLIC DRINK!!! it does NOT have actual cocaine in it, it’s a drink you can order at any bar, stop spreading rumors and do your research first idiot!!!! RIP RickyC

        • Yeah Liquid Cocaine is not a drug. It’s a drink. Has Jagermeister and some other spirit. This is true. There is a liquified version of cocaine but I believe it’s only liquified for transport/smuggling purposes.

        • Well, technically you could drink cocaine if you wanted to. I don’t know about the latest drinks because I don’t drink any more because I think it’s unhealthy and can lead to all kinds of bad things.

          I hope he wasn’t using drugs but if he was, I wouldn’t judge him or think negatively about him for it. We all go through life and do our best. Those who think it’s “bashing” to suggest he used drugs don’t seem to realize that drug users are people who need HELP and COMPASSION. It’s not an insult to call someone a drug user. They are people with problems, just like anyone else. If people could be more accepting, then more addicts would get the help they need before it’s too late.

          My heart goes out to anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one. I just don’t think it’s fair to criticize people for wanting to know what happened to Ricky. Why does it matter? Because it just does. A fellow human passed and we are wondering what happened to him (and his dog). If someone I knew died, I would want to know what happened – because I care. Ricky was a somewhat public figure. When people in the spotlight die, the public wants to know what happened because they feel like they knew the person.

          So maybe that will answer the “Why do you care” question.

      • LIQUID COCAINE IS AN ALCOHOLIC DRINK!!! You can order it at any bar, it does NOT have actual cocaine you idiot!!!! Stop spreading false rumors and do your research first!!! RIP RickyC

      • Hey Crystal stop smoking crystal. One you should do your research as everyone else should before making comments on this. One if you knew Ricky you would know he was smart and would not post something like I am using cocaine on Instagram where he had hundreds of followers as well as followed by his little brother. Second he even said it was a drink on twitter, Facebook and Instagram when he first posted the picture. Second just because you love animals does not mean you have to know what happened to his dog.

        • The public has a right to know if animals are being endangered. And people on here claiming they knew him are saying he used coke regularly. Maybe they are lying but I don’t see why someone would do that.

          • They didn’t abuse the animal. They are lying, because people like to be in the limelight and start things.

          • If they don’t want people to know their business then they should put their profiles private or stop posting stuff they don’t want people to know and ask questions about

          • EDITOR please stop this madness!!! Obviously people are just commenting to comment now. You have the authority to delete; so please do so because these comments are just making your site look like a joke. And because people can reply to a direct comment and comments are not posted in actually order it just looks like a mess. Just delete the comments and leave the article as is.

          • I am not going to delete the comments but I will close the comments. I doubt there is anything anyone can add to this story at this point. May Ricky rest in peace.