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Home Education Updated: Why did Valley High School’s Principal force out Coach Mohr?
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Updated: Why did Valley High School’s Principal force out Coach Mohr?

Valley High School

UPDATED: Santa Ana Valley High School’s students and parents held a community meeting at Centennial Park today, Saturday, January 11, 2014, at 2 pm, to discuss why their Principal, Patrick D. Yrarrázaval-Correa, forced out their popular Football CoachLarry Mohr.

Santa Ana Valley High School’s students and parents are wondering what in the world their Principal, Patrick D. Yrarrázaval-Correa, was thinking when he told their popular Football Coach, Larry Mohr, last month, to resign or be fired.

Valley was 48-28-1 during Mohr’s seven-year tenure. The Falcons were Orange League champions in 2013 for the second time in three years, going 5-0 in league and 7-3-1 overall. Valley is 13-2 in league games over the past three seasons, according to the Orange County Register.

Mohr’s players even had a great cumulative grade-point average during the most-recent grading period of 2.86.

Students and parents deserve an explanation from Yrarrázaval-Correa!  Don’t expect him to come clean.  Instead you need to contact the members of the SAUSD School Board.  They no longer list any email addresses on their website! Fortunately I have some of their personal contact information available, as follows:

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5 Responses

  1. Maria Reyes

    We as parents have alot of power and say!!!! We have to speak our minds and refuse this unjustified action of thee principal to our coach Larry Mohr….

  2. There are a lot of students, parents, and teachers that have a lot of questions to ask Mr. Patrick about his decision-making…

  3. If this coach was forced to resign, there must have been a reason behind it. Its not about how many wins he lead the football teams to, or how far they went, its about morals. If we are teaching our children to behave a certain way and are expected to have a certain level of respect for one another I would expect that the staff would be held to these same standards if not higher, considering the fact they are influencing the lives of our children. Its not all about sports, its about helping these kids grow up to be responsible adults and letting them know about accountability.

    • Anonymous

      I agree… He’s a respected leader for a reason. Unfortunately ignorance is a blind fold. Respect and leadership skills will always outweigh “football wins”.

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