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Home Arts and Culture Santora Community Mural homage this Saturday during the Art Walk
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Santora Community Mural homage this Saturday during the Art Walk

January 4, 2014
7:30 pmto10:30 pm
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What the Santora Mural looked like before it was destroyed

What the Santora Mural looked like before it was destroyed

A couple of resident Santora Artists will be paying homage to the Santora Community Mural that was whitewashed over the holidays this Saturday, January 4, 2014, at 7:30 pm, during the monthly Artists Village Art Walk.

Bring photos, flowers, new creations and our Unity to celebrate the artists of the village!

Supporters are also working on an performance art piece for Saturday around the issue of the Mural. If you would like to be Alicia Rojas or Matt Southgate.

The Studio Del Sutano now...

The Studio Del Sutano now…

The Santora mural was not the only artwork whitewashed by Jack Jakosky, the owner of the Santora Building.  He also destroyed the gallery name above the front door of Matt Southgate’s Studio del Sotano.

For approximately 5 years, Southgate had a framed wooden plaque that was painted green with the letters for “Studio del Sotano” painted in white and gold. A couple of months before the Santora ownership officially changed hands, the gallery name plaque was mysteriously knocked off the wall, damaged, and was laying on the floor in front of the front door. It was after that incident that Southgate quickly decided to paint a new version of the gallery name in dark red directly on to the wall, (not as a hanging plaque). This red version lasted about 5 or 6 months before it was recently eradicated without warning.

Studio Del Sotano

The fortunate and more interesting part of this scenario however is that Southgate still has the original green plaque and he has spent the last day repairing the damaged frame and lettering.  He will be re-hanging this original plaque tomorrow night at the start of the Art Walk.
Please stop by and visit the artists at Studio Del Sotano and the Santora Building for The Arts. They thank you for your friendship and support of the Downtown Santa Ana arts community.

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31 Responses

  1. Mateo

    Are you going to come down and visit us Editor? Or are you still too phobic of the Hipster Health Code Violations.?

  2. Mateo

    “Star of David” on the T-shirts! HAAAAh HAAAh. and upside down Jesus Christ.
    It is all the same F@#%$ up bull sh$t. !!!!!

  3. Mateo

    What ever happened to Mr. Harrah’s Corporate Tower for Jesus?
    Fing Loser! Go to Hell!

  4. Mateo

    Mr. Harrah, next time you want to build a penile sky scraper invest in David not Jesus.
    HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAA. I kid you not.

  5. Mateo

    This message has been bought and paid for by who????

  6. Who ever wants to hear the truth and stay with the thread

  7. Anonymous

    Nothing Sacred all we have become is a tax I.d. brought to you by Nazi propaganda on the strings of Jew bankster now known as the n.a.s.a. this will be the year art stands disgust.

  8. carpetbagger

    With all the talk of ball licking Jews, I would expect Brea resident and “supporter” of the artists, Greg Diamond to show up and lecture everybody.

    Is it true that somebody sent a Honeybaked Ham in Julio Perez name to GD at the DPOC reception that he helped move out of Downtown Santa Ana and into the colorful and vibrant East Chapman Avenue in Orange (it is nestled between a dental office and a Lumpia shop).

  9. Mateo

    You all might not like him, but Greg Diamond has always been an ally and supporter of the artists village activists.

    • Yes he’s not so bad.

    • Carpetbagger

      FWIW – I agree. Greg Diamond has never met a cause he would not support, unless it meant protecting children, calling out corrupt democrats or basic common sense, otherwise he is right in line with the “artists”. You guys should apply for a new race:

      “The oppressed artists of Santa Ana”, I bet you would qualify for food stamps, WIC (although most artists, being homosexual don’t reproduce), free tuition (throw out the academic requirements, if you are illegal, poor or an artist: COME ON DOWN).

      For the record, I don’t know the guy, much less hate him, I just think he is a blowhard asshole in the EXACT camp of Matt Cunningham, Adam Elmark and Jon Flieshman. A weakling blogger. (NOTE: I recognize Diamond made a half hearted attempt at State Senate).

  10. Mateo

    I can tell you who has never given a rats a$$ though about the artists village, all though he spends all his time at Memphis Bar. “liberal O.C” Dan Chemilwhateverski.

    • Carpetbagger

      Don’t you mean “Joe Hill” Mateo?

      This asshair is EXACTLY like Cunningham, blogging from the comfort of his wife’s job.

      I wish I was there when the guy made him cry at Memphis. What a pussy.

  11. Mateo

    The so called “liberal O.C.” also censored and refused to write anything about the Occupy movement in Orange County – Santa Ana. That’s a “liberal” for you.

  12. You must be painting lot of the hammer and sickles in Santora.

    FYI teo, Golem is more oppressive than Chameleonovski is…….. That’s a ‘liberal’ for you?

  13. “Diamond still seems to care about the poor”……….. Hmmmmmm

    Obviously, that is Liberal mantra!

    Show me what he actually done for poor!

    Show me a list of probono cases.

    From how many dishonest landlords he ever recovered any rent deposit for poor family?

    Nothing, nada, zilch!….. He is just a classical Jewish opportunist which is clearly obvious from his profusely overused threats and accusations of the nonexistent antisemitism.

    He is like any other iLeft community activist shaking down people for the money.

    He is a professional sworn to protect constitution and he can’t even uphold its spirit.

    He is just gravely bad citizen IMO.

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