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Home Business Santa Ana’s Orchard Supply Hardware is closing
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Santa Ana’s Orchard Supply Hardware is closing

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The Orchard Supply Hardware located in Santa Ana is closing as part of the chain’s post-bankruptcy acquisition by Lowe’s home improvement stores. The company also sent its Club Orchard members an email that read “we’re sorry your neighborhood Orchard Supply Hardware is closing” and provided the address of its Yorba Linda store.

Food 4 Less, 17th and Grand

This leaves yet another big retail vacancy in North Santa Ana, off of 17th, between Cabrillo Park Drive and Tustin Ave.  Food 4 Less closed their store over on Grand Ave., north of 17th, a couple years ago and it remains vacant today.

OSH Santa Ana Closing

A Buffalo Wild Wings location was supposed to open near OSH, just west of it, but a handful of cranky neighbors threatened to sue BWW, so they pulled out and ended up opening very successful locations in Downtown Brea and Orange (at the Block, now called the Outlets).  Eventually a Gold’s Gym opened up where BWW was supposed to be.

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (NYSE: LOW), the world’s second largest home improvement retailer, announced on August 12, 2013, further progress in its plans to acquire the majority of assets of Orchard Supply Hardware, including 72 stores, for approximately $205 million in cash, plus the assumption of payables owed to nearly all of Orchard’s supplier partners, subject to Bankruptcy Court approval, according to Business Wire.

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10 Responses

  1. PS Resident

    That is a new center, I really don’t know how the businesses there are surviving, they are mostly food places but I don’t see that they have much clientele to draw from considering the many other options. We can hope that something useful shows up there soon but I wouldn’t hold my breath. What has happened to the Food 4 Less shopping center since they closed has been really sad. The owner at the water store that was there said that the owners raised the rent significantly and that is why so many small businesses left. I can’t really understand the decision to raise the rents, the place is over 50% vacant now and has been for nearly two years.

  2. carpetbgger

    We keep hearing about the vibrance and vision put forth in our city. But it’s plain: If you don’t line Vince’s pockets, own a bar downtown or are a homosexual Christian exercise freak, you can’t make it in 2013 Santa Ana.

    This is a shame. This stretch of 17th was a great ‘mixed use” area.

    I wonder what Skallywag/Tardif/Sunday Funny/Junior or whatever the racicst NIMBY Mike Tardif calls himself will say when a NORTHGATE or a Goodwill store plants itself in the Plaza.

    Ignorance is dangerous.

  3. Sundayfunny

    Walmart? Gross.

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