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Home Arts and Culture He served in Iraq and now Jouvon M. Kingsby is an artist in Santa Ana
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He served in Iraq and now Jouvon M. Kingsby is an artist in Santa Ana

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He served 15 months in Iraq, where he was blown up 4 times by IEDs (improvised explosive device). And he also painted a mural in what used to be Saddam Hussein’s bunker.  So what is Jouvon Michael Kingsby up to now?

According to a fantastic new article in Santanero, Kingsby has set up shop over at the Spurgeon Building, in the Santa Ana Artists Village.  He’s a part of the art collective ‘X is the Weapon’ as well as showing many of his pieces in local galleries and shows. Additionally, Kingsby is designing the cover for KRS-ONE and Maylay Sage’s upcoming collaboration.

Click here to read the rest of the Santanero article about Kingsby, including a great interview with him.  And click here to see more of his amazing artwork.

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3 Responses

  1. Mateo

    Wow, check you out Mr. Wannabee Art Lover, “Jerk off” political puppet! So now you are a Jouvan Lover? are you? Well maybe you will find him in my gallery kicking it for an interview for u. If you are lucky. Art Hating Jerk! u are.

    • Silly Mateo. I love the arts. I am however not a huge fan of the local artists who promote lame politicians like Benavides and Amezcua. But they are few in number.

  2. Fine Arts (and dental office manager) Lover

    This story is a great testament to the human spirit. The way in which people can pivot and discover unknown talents, in this case, from soldier to artist!

    I heard of another example, where an accomplished defense attorney and failed political candidate executed a “power exchange” of sorts with the wife of a downtown dentist. It is rumored he was “DRILLING” her on his office couch!

    Humans are amazing…….then again so are animals.

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