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Home Arts and Culture New Downtown business license tax will be split between hipsters and paisas
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New Downtown business license tax will be split between hipsters and paisas

Hipster in a sombrero

The Santa Ana City Council Monday night approved a new downtown business tax, replacing a controversial special property tax that had divided downtown businesses and brought the issue of gentrification to the fore, according to the Voice of OC.

Under a settlement agreement, the city will for three years provide $400,000 annually for Downtown Inc.’s cleaning and security services. The proceeds of the new district will be equally split between two groups: Downtown Inc. and the Santa Ana Business Council, a group composed of business owners who opposed the special property tax and are likely to conduct more Latino-oriented promotions. The revenue from the new tax district, approximately $250,000 annually, is far less than the revenue generated by the previous property tax district.

So as I understand it we are going to have a split marketing effort in Downtown Santa Ana with one group promoting the area to hipsters and the gay community and the other to paisas

I spoke to a fellow yesterday who had vehemently opposed the PBID – the unfair property tax that robbed Downtown Santa Ana property owners and gave their money to Downtown Inc.  I thought he would oppose the new deal but he liked it.  The Santa Ana Business Council can now spend some of this money without having to run it through Irv Chase and his homies.

I think this is all pretty goofy.  Businesses should do their own marketing and if some of them want to band together they should do so on a voluntary basis.  Charging extra business license fees is not fair to those businesses who don’t want to play ball. 

But it is what it is and now we are going to have a stark contrast in terms of what the new Santa Ana Business Council will be advocating versus what Downtown Inc. will be promoting.  This schizophrenic approach might work out – or it just might make for some odd contrasts.

I suppose this is the best we can expect from our lame Santa Ana City Council which is full of government workers but very short on Council Members with business experience.  Here is what Roman Reyna and David Benavides have been up to in our Downtown of late:

Roman Reyna and David Benavides

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3 Responses

  1. Carpetbagger

    Here’s an idea! Have PAYAN X establish an actual facility in Downtown Santa Ana! Rent some space, get some insurance and involve the community.

    I would support a certain subsidy for this. Of course, one would need more than a flag and a couple of cheerleaders.

    Getting your church friends jogging group may seem “Vibrant” and moving forward to some, but, paying RENT, PLANTING ROOTS might mean more.

  2. Mateo

    As an artist I feel very frustrated having to choose between Latino Goomba and Gaytrificationator culture. Oh well, guess I will have to keep going it alone. Good thing I have this little activist clan to keep me company in the Underground.

  3. Sundayfunny

    Retail marketing: Here come the sidewalk sales with tables of crap. “Oh look, half off crap! What a great deal. Good thing I did not buy the crap originally in 1985!” Did not work the last time, won’t work this time either, with or without the Mariachi music.

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