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Home Arts and Culture 4th of July celebration to be held in Downtown Santa Ana, on 4th St.
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4th of July celebration to be held in Downtown Santa Ana, on 4th St.

July 4, 2013
12:00 pmto8:00 pm
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A musical and cultural festival in honor of the 4th of July will be held in Downtown Santa Ana, on 4th Street (La Plaza) on the 4th of July, from 12 pm to 8 pm. The event will include local artist and community leaders that continue being the voice of the voiceless plus free fireworks for the kids – and live music!

This event is brought to you by the members of Los 32 Por Mexico. UN PUEBLO UNIDO, JAMAS SERA VENSIDO !!!!

American-Mexican Xenophobia [AMX] Crew and RasUnited Rude Aztec SoulJahs will be bringing the positive vibes…Come out and join us this Fourth of July in Donwtown Santa Ana

Click here to RSVP on Facebook.

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10 Responses

  1. Guadalupe

    WOW…..all those signs in Spanish for the 4th of July……with sponsor groups names “Los 32 for Mexico UN pueblo unido jamas sera vensido??? (by the way vensido its wrong..its VENCIDO) I wonder if they will play the U.S. National Anthem or they will be playing mariachi music and hip hop….sad…..

    • Anonymous

      How about you come out to see for yourself and join us as we all sing ” This land is OUR LAND ” and boogiedown to some funky sounds.

  2. Guadalupe

    By the way,,it is very disrespectful (the image above) to show the U.S. Flag torn and the Mejico flag intact coming from its center..

    • Anonymous

      American Mexican Xenophophia

    • Is your name really Guadalupe? By the way that name translates literally to “valley of the wolves.” It is a mix of Arabic and Latin. The Moors were in Spain for over 300 years and the Romans stopped by too, leaving quite a mix of languages.

    • Seamus MacDuff

      I agree Guadalupe -very disrespectful and disturbing.

      • Time for a history lesson Seamus. The Spanish government set up a Naval blockade during our War for Independence from the British. That kept them from resupplying. Both the Mexican government and the California Governor sent supplies to General Washington. So there you go. The freedom you’re celebrating today comes courtesy of the Mexicans and the Spanish, at least in part.

  3. Mateo

    Thanks for the History Lesson Pocho Editor. “Voices of the Voiceless?” P.S. I wonder if these “voices” are going to inform the audience about the Declaration of Independence at all? or just tell them where to find the attorney or Coors Light Chica that they think would work best for them?

  4. Mateo

    “Rude Aztec Soul Jas” No further comments.

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