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Home Bars Zero Santa Ana restaurants win an O.C. Public Health Award of Excellence
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Zero Santa Ana restaurants win an O.C. Public Health Award of Excellence

playground blood burger

No Award of Excellence for the Playground and their bloody burgers…

Only three Santa Ana businesses have received Awards of Excellence certificates this year from Orange County Public Health.  NONE of Downtown Santa Ana’s allegedly gourmet restaurants received these awards.  In fact no restaurants in Santa Ana won this award.  That’s right.  And wait until you check out the award winners:

  • 7-Eleven, 1220 N Bristol St, Santa Ana, 92703
  • Apoteca Moderna Co., 302 N Broadway, Santa Ana, 92701
  • Aqua Café, 2223 W 5th St, Ste B, Santa Ana, 92703

Orange County Public Health’s Environmental Health Division has issued 3,274 Award of Excellence certificates to local Orange County food facilities, representing an increase of almost 30 additional food facilities from the previous year. From a qualifying group of 9,839 food facilities throughout the County, these establishments were recognized by Environmental Health’s Food Protection Program for their outstanding food safety and sanitation practices during 2012.

The annual Award of Excellence was created to provide an incentive for food establishments to consistently meet or exceed health and safety standards for food facility operations. In 1999, the first year of the program, 584 food establishments received the Award. With increased outreach and improved compliance to food safety laws the number of recipients has grown significantly since its inception. Included in the Award of Excellence Program are food facilities such as restaurants, catering establishments, meat/seafood markets, retail bakeries, supermarkets, supermarket/bakery combinations, and public and private schools with food production service. A complete list of all recipients and award criteria is available online at

The Food Protection Program focuses on the inspection of retail food facilities in order to promote the safe and sanitary preparation and service of foods, prevent foodborne illness, and protect consumers from adulterated food products. For more information about the Health Care Agency’s Food Protection Program, visit

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4 Responses

  1. Anon

    Hahahaha. You can’t afford any of these restaurants.

  2. Cc

    What about this restaurant
    La pachanga bar and grill
    2513 w. edinger ave.
    Santa Ana 92704

  3. Forget about the award and worry about A, B, and C. Hepatitis and ecolly which is very common in the Latino Communities including penicillin resistant TB which was eradicated in the civilized world about 50 years ago.

    Otherwise we are socially healthy diverse 3rd world community now if we survive this era of immigration.

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