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Home 2012 Elections Jose Hernandez to serve as President of the SAUSD School Board
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Jose Hernandez to serve as President of the SAUSD School Board

SAUSD School Board

Re-elected and Newly elected Board Members Officially Installed 

Mr. Rob Richardson and Mr. Jose Hernandez will serve another term on the Santa Ana Unified School District Board of Education after being re-elected by the voters of the Santa Ana community. They will be joined by newly elected Board Member, Ms. Cecilia Iglesias, and current Board Members, Dr. Audrey Yamagata-Noji and Mr. John Palacio. Mr. Richardson, Mr. Hernandez, and Mrs. Iglesias were installed during the December 11, 2012 meeting of the Board of Education.

During the meeting, the Board elected its new officers. Mr. Hernandez will serve as president. Mr. Richardson will serve as vice president, and Dr. Audrey Yamagata-Noji will continue to serve as clerk. Mr. John Palacio and Mrs. Cecilia Iglesias will serve as members.


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10 Responses

  1. Chicano Power

    Art, What changes do you see happening for our community with this new board?

    • I would like to see the board change the way they are elected so they have to live in specific wards or districts.

      I think the SAUSD Superintendent is terrific. We have to hold the rest of her admin staff accountable.

      Our fundamental and charter schools do well but the regular neighborhood public schools are still underperforming. We need more charter schools!

      I would also like to see more change on the SAUSD School Board in 2014. We need more parents on the board!

      • managerswhocare

        We do not feel the Superintendent is great..she has allowed food service to run so inefficiently..we realize this is just our opinions..BUT, let the facts speak for themselves…
        Superintendent, please post all the results from the USDA Audit- the 2nd visit?
        Thank you

        • Anon

          Are you kidding, the Superintendent is hiding behind that FAT Asst. Superintendent! Art, she’s not running the schools very well. The school district is too BIG to handle. The district needs to be cut in half so it’s more manageable!

  2. Hey Art – this message is unrelated to this article, BUT, it’s for a good reason. Time and time again you say that ANYONE can send you advertisements for events in OC. I did, and you didn’t post anything about the beautiful event that took place on Anna Drive yesterday honoring our Lady of Guadalupe. Further, I ask you if you are willing to brave enough to advertise this petition on your site???:

    Bloggers like yourself have a responsibility to put this information out there. I’ve read your website, starting when it was Orange Juice, for over 7 years now. I expect you to be more transparent and share ALL information that is asked of you to share.

    Further, I thought that you would be interested in watching this 24 minute report released by Aljazeera about Anna Drive. See here:

  3. Palacio sucks!!!

    When will we see term limits at the SAUSD? Rob, Audrey and especially John Palacio have been there too long. What is he, “Board Member for life”?

    Palacio is the ultimate hypocrite. He screamed for term limits on Santa Ana’s mayor while he has none on himself.

    He has done nothing for the children of the district and just sits in the the seat to enrich himself. When his pal Nativo was there is was thru the construction contractors, with Nativo gone can you say “HEEF”.

  4. Olmec Pride

    If you think John is so bad then why don’t you run against him?

  5. managerswhocare

    We feel Food Service needs to be looked at. Why is there another Asst, Director position posted on EDJOIN? Why do we have a food service director that needs two asst, directors, consultants, and we still dont get enough staff at our sites?
    We would like to know..we are concerned…Just wondering why Mark Chavez is allowed to run the food service department in this matter…
    Inquiring minds want to know…please change our opinions…we need help in food service.

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