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Home Education New charter public High School coming to Downtown Santa Ana
New Discovery Ad
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  1. mateo

    That sounds fantastic. I like it when Pulido squeezes out little acts of Progressiveness. Maybe his Broadcom donors are not that bad after all, did’nt they, don’t they have something to do with this? Where is this school going to be located?

  2. Jim Walker

    Finally a school where our kids can smoke without fear of judgement from adults.

  3. mateo

    And learn how to Organically grow what they want to smoke. F$#% Mansanto Corp.

  4. mateo

    Fans of Santa Ana are about to embark on a mission to create the most progressive all inclusive and educational Farmers Market in the county. We are going to have educational booths included to pick up where the political system fails. Hopefully we will be able to share films such as this to the public. Trailer about Monsanto Corp.

  5. Béa Tomaselli Tiritilli

    I’m glad we’re getting some positive feedback! I’m the secretary of La Escuela Freire board, and let me assure you we did not supply that photo to Art Pedroza for this website! I didn’t even know Dr. Freire smoked till I saw this stock photo! At any rate, we are not affiliated with Pulido, Broadcom, or any big-name donors; but if you know of someone with deep pockets who wants to contribute, please let us know. :) We have not yet submitted our charter petition to SAUSD (we will in the coming days) and we are not affiliated with the other new charter high school (for foster youth) that also opens this fall—and is supported by big-name donors. And sorry to disappoint, Mateo, but—although I’m a big proponent of organic gardening—we don’t intend to to teach students to grow what that they smoke. :)

    • Great work! BTW I found that picture online using Google Images. I like to include pictures in my posts and your school website offered no graphics that I could make use of.

  6. Béa Tomaselli Tiritilli

    Regardless, thanks for promoting us, Art, and I’ve learned my lesson about not providing an image!

  7. Justice for Janitors

    Smoking does help with weight loss though which has been an issue.

  8. mateo

    Critical thinking,
    pot smoking,
    and political deconstruction.
    I love it.
    I can’t wait to march with these kids to the city hall chambers so that we can conduct the counter revolution against the Faux Santa Ana Spring.

  9. jatriverview

    This is great! I hope my son can learn about market based economies by interning at the local Target or Walmart!

  10. mateo


    Where Capitalism meets Communism.
    F$ck Walmart!

  11. Carpetbagger

    I agree with Matt: F$ck Walmart.

    But, I have a more important question for Admin, one perhaps better suite for a private email, but since we are all family……….

    Where is the HUMILITY, where is there any GRACE?

    Clearly, David Benavide’s attempt for mayor was a failure, an EPIC one considering his supporters claims.

    But His Mayoral website says NOTHING. His MAYORAL FB PAGE NOTHING.

    Di he really think that a slick Facebook account and a few dozen followers wer going to lead him to victory…


    And the man does not even have the class to say thank you supporters, “Thanks to those who supported me and understood my vison…..”

    It makes it all seem fake, like a ploy from the police unions to put a puppet in place, in fact, read the Reuters:

    Now it makes more sense. Get a ill prepared easily influenced (enter the HOOKER/MISTRESS)self absorbed fool like Benavides, who is willing to ridicule and sell out his schoolteacher wife. And dump a couple hundred grand on his canidacy………

    Unfortunately, his supportewrs on FB were mostly Felons, Children and people who couldn’t vote.

    But that never stopped people from pretending that he was “the real deal”…….yeah right.

    Now he he is begging forgiveness to his wife kids and council members……like the follower he is.

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