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Updated: Korean Bible instructor Man Hee Lee packs the Crystal Cathedral

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UPDATE: According to Eric Lee, “We had over 600 request to follow up and learn more about the instructor and also the fulfillment of Revelation.”   Click here to see the official event follow-up press release.  And click here to see more pictures taken at this event.

I visited the former Crystal Cathedral today (it is now knows as Christ Cathedral), where throngs of mostly young Koreans and other believers came together to listen to the ministry of Instructor Man Hee Lee, a self-avowed expert on the Book of Revelation.

There had been some consternation in the week leading up to the event as a number of evangelical Christians complained that Lee is the head of a cult.  One woman at today’s service even ran up to the front of the church and started yelling.  She was quickly removed although Lee asked that she be allowed to speak – in the lobby.

The sermon was in Korean, but we were all given headsets and the sermon was translated into several languages including English and Spanish.

Lee was born in Korea in 1931, which means that he is 81 years old – and I have to say he looks pretty well kept for being in his eighties.  Lee claims a lineage that can be traced back for 500 years.  That may sound like a lot but Korea is an ancient country.   He also says that he was visited by Jesus himself, in Korea, and that he “saw and heard the events of Revelation.”

Lee’s lineage dates back to the Joseon empire, according to Wikipedia, which is when bronze making techniques were imported from China, according to PBS.  Koreans created the first world’s first metal moveable type in the 12th century.  By 1522, the German preacher Martin Luther was printing the first Bible’s produced on such presses, according to Wikipedia.  Lee referred to Luther today when he repeatedly admonished those at the service to read the Bible.

While urging followers to read the Bible fits in nicely with leading Evangelical thought, Lee does hold a controversial position in that he believes we are already “fulfilling Revelation.”  But his take on Revelation is not like anything I have heard before.  For one thing, Lee is expert at translating the book of Revelation in terms of analogy.  He sees much of the text as symbolizing ideas.

During the sermon Lee patiently made his way through each chapter of the Book of Revelation, explaining what he feels the symbols mean.  While he has been critized as a false prophet, he took false prophetst to task during his speech.

So are we in the end times?  That is hard to say.  There is no mistaking that we live in dark times considering all the unrest and death in the Middle East, and the horrible shooting here in the U.S. just this week, at a screening of the new Batman film in Aurora, Colorado.

I had a chance after the sermon to ask Lee about the Aurora shooting – and about the increase in atheism among our youth.  Lee paused then answered firmly in Korean that we need to be knowledgable in the Bible and that this is especially true of our young people.

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159 Responses

  1. eunjangkim

    Is believed to know exactly what the word of God, the fact that this amazing, biblical sermon gave it.

  2. shine

    Amen, thank you

  3. joyfullight

    manhee lee lecturer is the leader of the world’s truly great peace!

  4. People must pay attention to what Chairman Lee proclaims, if they want to know the truth. For those who haven’t heard of it yet, let us listen to it and bebelievers that will enter heaven.

    • Serge

      haha you are so funny…you are part of weak people that are scared of life and dead…did you konw that mankind have always believe in something?…and will do forever…Meet you in heaven…haha….he met Jesus…what a bull shit!

    • James Treater

      What we must follow is the bible and God. But the point is we couldn’t ever know what God wanted to tell us.

      Our lord Jesus Christ promised to send his messenger to teach his word correctly.
      Anyone can speak out that ‘I am he.’ But promised messenger should have the evidence.

      We christians must check if it’s true or false.
      That’s most important task if we believe lord Jesus.

  5. Jina Kim

    From his sermon, I can feel the strength and power. His testimony is the firmest in the world

  6. Anonymous

    amen, thank you

  7. 선희 박

    Amen, thank you

  8. bae sung yun

    amen, thank you

  9. bae sung yun

    thank you

  10. park hye enn

    Amen, thank you

  11. Jo Gwang Duck

    Amen. Thank You

  12. Jo Gwang Duck

    아멘 감사합니다.

  13. joneouju

    That’s staggering news!

  14. smilgirs

    His sermon was surprised

  15. Yang Su Kyung

    Only by Lee Man-hee can testify it. Hallelujah!

  16. Yang Su Kyung

    Only by Lee Man-hee can testify it. Hallelujah!
    Thank you God for giving us send true shepherd. Hallelujah!

  17. Grace Linnet

    It’s just so amazing. All the wonders about the Bible I’ve had are about to be with their clear answers… I want to be “sealed” by God, by the word of truth(Ephesians 1:13 And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit,).

    • James Treater

      Most of christians bellieve that their salvation is already complete only after admitting that they believe Jesus to be their savior.

      But if then why lord Jesus promised to come again and judge everybody. And why he told that there shall be the goats and sheep. And why should we prepare oil to keep lamp enlightened.

      We must know whole contents of new testaments thoroughly if we want live in God’s word.

  18. love

    I visited the former Crystal Cathedral today (it is now knows as Christ Cathedral), where throngs of mostly young Koreans and other believers came together to listen to the ministry of Instructor Man Hee Lee, a self-avowed expert on the Book of Revelation.

  19. hee-min

    Feel ~ that is God’s shepherd amen ^^

  20. 민희

    아멘~ 하나님의 목자임이 느껴집니다.

  21. narin2

    you had the nicest preaching… the word of the god

  22. sara

    I am so thankful to heard this surprising news

  23. kyngnam lee

    약속의 목자를 보내주신 하나님께 영광을 돌립니다.

  24. chansongpack

    Xintiandi, this only contains the word total SLR Hee Bonnie revelation Jesus promised for June and really necessary in this land know the identity.

  25. dkfkdk

    Peace in the world in order that he should be

  26. kim happy

    Jesus is the shepherd of the promises made to send

  27. ann

    멋진 하늘소식이 온 땅에 퍼져나가는 일이 곧 멀지 않았습니다 더이상 그 누구도 말씀앞에 핑계치 못할 것입니다

  28. greentree

    Witness to the word of revelation you see and hear the reality of the fulfillment of Revelation Jesus instructed by a moderator who 신천지 Lee Man-hee.

  29. very good.. I think that he is real religion leader!

  30. good to see him. thanks for shinchonji’s article

  31. thanks for the shinchonji’s article.

  32. grace lim

    Mastery of this era only shepherds of the Holy Spirit deep forever! Watery eyes to the truth of God and thank you woke happy.

  33. Serge

    bull shit!!!! Histroy will prove it again!!! you guys are scared of death…scared that if you dont pray or believe you will go to hell..haha …but religion just bring wars and pain! Amen

  34. 소영 이

    In the New Testament the promised Kingdom of God be done today, so thank you very much

  35. adam

    He is the prophet of today

  36. Anonymous

    He is the only shepard from God. Thanks to the shepard who sent us God’s message.

  37. umilele

    Cool! Good news..

  38. 박윤희

    There are many large and small seminars in the world.
    But we had made the hearts of the Word of God is the best seminar.
    South Korea’s shinchonji manhee-lee shepherd God, Jesus is the witness.
    Listening to his words he knows the answer.

  39. Susan

    I wanna hear his sermon.

  40. minsung

    So great~

  41. Anonymous

    How great~~

  42. Anonymous

    I Love Peace!!!

  43. Julien


  44. gaeulkim

    I really wanna know abt him

  45. Adrien

    I am so encouraged to read this! I heard about this conference and I know that many people proclaim peace but Mr. Lee is actually DOING something about it- I am so thankful that someone is working to make world peace a reality!

  46. World Peace shall come true only if you join us too~!

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