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Home homeless Orange County awarded $3.7 million for homeless housing vouchers
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Orange County awarded $3.7 million for homeless housing vouchers

CONTACT: Karen Roper (714) 480-2805, Cell (714) 423-8315

County Awarded $3.7 Million for Homeless Housing Vouchers and $406,846 in Housing Vouchers to Reunite Children with Their Parents


(Santa Ana, CA) – The OC Community Services Orange County Housing Authority (OCHA) is the recipient of two grants totaling $3.7 million that will provide supportive housing for homeless veterans as well as disabled and special needs homeless populations. OCHA will also receive another grant of $406,846 to expand its Family Unification Program that reunites children with their parents. OCHA is Orange County’s largest housing authority which administers the Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance Program that provides over 11,000 low-income households or approximately 25,000 people per month with help paying the rent.

OCHA has been designated as one of 197 housing authorities nationwide that will receive Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) Vouchers in 2010. These vouchers are reserved for homeless single Veterans or those with families that are referred from the Long Beach Veterans Administration (VA). Housing assistance funding for the 150 vouchers is in the amount of $1.6 million for the first year.

Homeless Veterans who are interested in the VASH program can call a HUD-VASH Interest Line at (562) 826-8000, extension 2336. Rental property owners who would like to make an apartment or other rental property available for a VASH Veteran should contact the Orange County Housing Authority Owner Hotline at (714) 480-2866.

OCHA also recently received an additional $2,186,100 in homeless assistance funding as part of the 2009 Continuum of Care Super Notice of Funding Availability (SuperNOFA) grant competition. The $2.1 million grant award will provide permanent supportive housing for disabled and special needs homeless households through OCHA’s Shelter + Care Housing Program. The Shelter Plus Care Program is a partnership between OCHA and the Health Care Agency (HCA). Because of this unique partnership, homeless clients receive rental assistance through OCHA and ongoing supportive services through HCA. This highly successful program has moved chronic homeless from the streets directly into permanent supportive housing. OCHA currently assists over 566 clients through this unique program.

In addition to housing assistance funding for homeless programs, OCHA was also successful in securing an additional grant award of $406,846 to expand its Family Unification Program (FUP) by 37 households. OCHA has administered the FUP in partnership with the County’s Social Services Agency (SSA) since 1997, successfully reuniting over 600 children with their parents by assisting them with stable, affordable housing. This grant award will increase the number of households that can be assisted from 170 to 207.

“These grant awards are a direct result of unique partnerships between the Orange County Housing Authority, the Health Care Agency, the Social Services Agency, and the Long Beach VA,” stated Karen Roper, Director of OC Community Services. “These programs will provide critical housing and support services that will facilitate family reunification, stability, and self-sufficiency.”
For more information about the County’s efforts to address homelessness and to reunite families, please contact Karen Roper at (714) 480-2805 or (714) 423-8315.

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2 Responses

  1. Debbbie Cohn

    To whom it may concern: I am tring many years now to get help. I was on the streets living with strangers, getting all; my belongings stolen. I slipped and fell in Texas, had an attorney, sliped and torn my right knee maniscus and got screwed. I was feeling horrible day after day, and recently developed severe fibroylagia, there are days are hurt so bad, and it it hard for me to do alot of walking. I am trying so hard to get my life together, on SSI, have alot of doctor appointments and want more than anything to return to school and make something of my self. I am determined. I have lived with two different people and come to find out they are alcolholics and do not want to be in that envionment. I was abused, they stole from me, hit me and did no return my money after paying my rent on time. My personal belongings were stolen,not to mention she destroyed my box with my mothers ashes. I am trying to find a place of my own where i can be myself, think, and continue to further my education and not be bothered with people who are alcoholics or do drugs. My life is almost half over and i want to make the best of it if possible and have my older kids proud of me. This kind of living is getting me so depressed. I know there are some housing that if possible i could get into here on Harbor Blvd Costa Mesa right across from the orange coast college. I recveive 845.00 SSI Please help me get into one of these places. This really stresses me out, makes my condition worst, and i only more than anything want to do this and i will be able to improve on my health as well. A friend recommeded i contact you as possible. to see if you can help. I am temporarily staying at a motel, which have paid over 1100.00 WASTED and am very broke right now, and no real place i can go. I am getting sick over this and had pains last night. I pray to god every day something will develop.
    Please contact me as soon as possible as i want to get off these nasty streets and it is very scary out there being single female. Thank you and god bless Debbie Cohn 714-600-6565

  2. Kalohe

    Debbbie Cohn, I can understand your fears, I am presently on a waiting list with HUD VASH and am hoping to get away from my abusive parents. I have reached a point in life where I become very upset to hear of people who steel and abuse others. My son is an adult with autism and Ii worry that someone will use him. I will pray for you that you will be able to make things works and become free. Take care and remember there are those out there who do care about you.

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